Daisy Ridley

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Ridley in 2015, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley

Place of Birth: Westminster, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 10 April, 1992

Ethnicity: English, some Irish, as well as 1/32 German

Daisy Ridley is an English actress. She is known for starring in Murder on the Orient Express (2017), the Star Wars films, as well as Ophelia, Chaos Walking, and Sometimes I Think About Dying.

She is the daughter of Louise Fawkner-Corbett and Christopher Ridley, a photographer. She is married to actor Tom Bateman.

Daisy was a cousin, once removed, of Arnold Ridley (William Arnold Ridley), a playwright and actor. Arnold was the grandson of James Ridley and Martha.

At least part of her father’s family is from Ennis, County Clare, Ireland.

Daisy’s maternal grandfather was Roger Picton Fawkner-Corbett (the son of William Victor Fawkner-Corbett and Dorothy Frances Bauer/Barr). Roger was born in Thanet, Kent, England. The Fawkner-Corbett family were landed gentry. William was born under the surname Corbett, and added Fawkner- to his surname; he was the son of William George Corbett and Florence Fawkner. Daisy’s great-grandmother Dorothy was the daughter of William Bauer (whose own father, Moritz/Maurice Bauer/Baner, was German, from Saxony, and whose own mother was English, from Norfolk, England), and of Minnie Louisa Cowley.

Daisy’s maternal grandmother was Isobel Sheila Lake (the daughter of Charles Thomas Connett Lake and Mary Irene Smerdon). Isobel was born in Leominster, Herefordshire, England. Charles was the son of John Lake and Emma Elizabeth Connett. Mary was the daughter of John Sidney Smerdon and Mary Parnell Newman.

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  1. Friedrik533 says:

    well she is ravishing .She gives typically north west European and mediterranean vibes.

  2. HamarFFox says:

    Solved. Maurice is in the 1881 census as Moritz Baner (surname a transcription error, which I’ve now corrected), and he is indeed from Saxony.

  3. HamarFFox says:

    I really can’t find any evidence of her great-great-great grandfather being called William Ernest Bauer. From what little I can find, he seems to be called Maurice. There’s barely any trace of him either. He shows up on a marriage record to Rosa (probably Rose) Hubbard and in some baptismal records to William Bauer’s siblings, though no baptismal record can be found for William. William’s mother does seem to have been from Norfolk, though her maiden name is Hubbard, not Barnes. In the tree that lists her name as Barnes, it strangely lists her mother’s maiden name as Hubbard. William seems absent in the census until 1901, and his father is absent in all of them. His mother is found in one 1891, listed as widowed, and living with some of William’s siblings, but not with William himself.

    Maurice’s father’s name on the marriage listing is Charles August Bauer.

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