Claudio Castagnoli

Birth Name: Claudio Sesto Castagnoli

Place of Birth: Lucerne, Switzerland

Date of Birth: 27 December, 1980

Ethnicity: Swiss-Italian, possibly other

Claudio Castagnoli is a Swiss professional wrestler. He performs with AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club and AEW’s sister promotion Ring of Honor. He has also wrestled on the European independent wrestling circuit, in WWE, and in independent worldwide promotions PWG, CZW, NOAH, and WxW. He has won many championships, including being a two-time ROH World Champion and holding the WWE U.S. Championship; and wrestled in several tag teams, including with Chris Hero, as the Kings of Wrestling. He is known for his in-ring feats of strength, and villainous European persona, while performing in the U.S. He has also wrestled under the names Antonio Cesaro, Castaglerious, Cesaro, Double C, Tenshi Takami, and Very Mysterious Ice Cream. He is 6′5″.

Like many Swiss people, Claudio speaks multiple languages, including Swiss-German, Italian, French, German, and English. He has one child with his partner, American professional wrestler and trainer Sara Del Rey (born Sara Ann Amato).


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