Clark Gable

publicity photo of Clark Gable, c. 1940

Date of Birth: February 1, 1901

Place of Birth: Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, United States

Date of Death: November 16, 1960

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: German, Irish, some Swiss-German, remote Belgian

Clark Gable was an American actor. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for It Happened One Night (1934). He also starred in Dance, Fools, Dance; Mutiny on the Bounty, Gone with the Wind, and The Misfits, among many other films. He was referred to as “The King of Hollywood” or “The King.”

Clark was the son of Adeline (Hershelman) and William Henry Gable. Clark’s father was of German, some Swiss-German, distant Irish, and remote Belgian, descent, with some roots in Rhineland-Palatinate. His mother was of German and Irish ancestry.

Clark was married to actress Carole Lombard, until her death, and to actress Kay Williams, until his death. He had a daughter, actress, writer, producer, and therapist Judy Lewis, with actress and singer Loretta Young, and a son with Kay. His grandson was actor and model Clark James Gable.

Clark’s paternal grandfather was Charles Gable (the son of John George Gable and Sarah Frankenfield). Charles was born in Pennsylvania. John was the son of George Gable and Catherine. Sarah was the daughter of Johann/John Philip Frankenfield and Cadarena/Catherine/Catharine Haupt.

Clark’s paternal grandmother was Nancy Ann Stainbrook (the daughter of Jacob Stainbrook, Jr. and Rebecca McFadden). Nancy was born in Pennsylvania. Jacob was the son of John Jacob Stainbrook and Elizabeth Conrad. Rebecca was the daughter of John McFadden, Jr. and Catherine Steinbruch/Stainbrook.

Clark’s maternal grandfather was John J. Hershelman (the son of Johann Jakob/Jacob Hershelman and Maria Elizabeth Hill). Clark’s grandfather John was born in New York, to German parents, from Bavaria. Clark’s great-grandfather Johann was from Triippstadt, the son of Johann Adam Hershelman and Catharina Nothoff.

Clark’s maternal grandmother was Rosetta Clark (the daughter of Timothy Clark and Jane Bullock). Rosetta was born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents, with her father having been born in Aghalee, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Timothy was the son of Catherine Harmon.

publicity photo of Clark Gable, photo credit: x-ray delta one

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stamp of Clark Gable (left) with Claudette Colbert and director Frank Capra, starring in their film ”It Happened One Night,” printed c. 2012, photo by Neftali/

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  1. angelwings80 says:

    Oh no! More racial militants trying to say an obvious white actor must be mixed! My maternal ancestry is mostly Irish, Welsh. and some German. THIS WAS PROVEN BY DNA TESTS DONE BY MY UNCLE, AUNT, SISTER, MYSELF, AND SEVERAL COUSINS! My mom and her siblings had dark hair dark brown eyes and while my mom was somewhat fair, 5 our of her 6 siblings had dark, tanned skin. Nowhere in our DNA was there listed anything besides Irish, Welsh, and German so go somewhere else with your marxist propaganda and jealousy!

  2. ses101 says:

    His Irish relatives have Anglo names like Clark and Bullock. English/Scottish descent further back, or just anglicization of Irish names?

  3. Jason 7 says:

    Was he in fact partly of subsaharran African and indigenous ancestry? (See 2nd paragraph of the 1st article; also see 5th person down in the 2nd article)

  4. jonasbttencourt says:

    What a beautiful and talented man he was, such a shame he pass away at a fairly young age.

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