Christopher Abbott

HBO's "Girls" Season 2 New York City Premiere - Arrivals

Abbott in 2013, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Christopher J. Abbott

Place of Birth: Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S. (likely)

Date of Birth: c. 1986

*father – Vincentian [African, possibly Portuguese and Eastern European]
*mother – Italian

Christopher Abbott is an American actor. His roles include the films Hello I Must Be Going, James White, It Comes at Night, and Black Bear, and the series Catch-22.

His mother is of Italian descent. His father was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and has African ancestry, to some degree. His father has also been said to have Portuguese and Eastern European ancestry.

Christopher’s paternal grandfather was Stanley E. Abbott (the son of Milton Abbott and Ethelyn Gabriel). Stanley was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Christopher’s paternal grandmother was Genevieve Jennie Crosby (the daughter of Larry A. Crosby and Matilda Maclean/McLean). Genevieve was born in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Christopher’s maternal grandfather was Angelo Arthur Servidio (the son of Natale Servidio and Maria/Mary Dandrea). Angelo was born in Mianus, Connecticut, to Italian parents.

Christopher’s maternal grandmother was Angelina Bottino (the daughter of Richelmo Bottino and Genoveffa Calderaro). Angelina was born in Lattarico, in Province of Cosenza, Calabria, Italy.

Sources: Obituary of Christopher’s maternal grandfather, Angelo Arthur Servidio –

Obituary of Christopher’s maternal grandmother, Angelina (Bottino) Servidio –

23 Responses

  1. muricansareallmutts says:

    That’s andrew he believes to be Euro hehe.

  2. Oaken05 says:

    Again, for the millionth time, STOP the ad hominem attacks, particularly on people who have not hurled them at you.

  3. follers says:

    Is he black?

    His grandmother’s divorce record says so, and his grandfather’s states “other non-white.”

    • bablah says:

      Stanley and Genevieve were certainly of African descent. Stanley’s parents were Milton Abbott and Ethelyn Gabriel. Do you have any links that confirm these are his grandparents? They do have a son named Orville, I just want to confirm that it’s the right man.

      • andrew says:

        I think Christopher may be like 1/16 Black African. It’s not really visible in his phenotype.

        The only Portuguese in West Indies are usually Sephardi Jews. Unsure about Eastern Europeans there.

        • alexgxo says:

          By “Eastern European” that could mean Ashkenazi Jewish. I believe there were some minor Ashkenazi communities in the West Indies. But I’m not sure.

          Anyways, as for his appearance, I’d say that genetically, he’s overwhelmingly European and minimal African. If Abbott (per that “Fashionista” interview), only describes himself as a”Euro-mutt”, I don’t think he acknowledges (if he’s even aware) of whatever minimal African heritage he has.

      • follers says:

        A family tree on lists them as his grandparents. There’s also only ever been one man with that name who’s lived in Connecticut, in the 20th century. And he is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

        His parents’ marriage record describes his father as “white,” interestingly.

        • andrew says:

          There are people of Portuguese heritage in Saint Vincent. The PM is named Gonsalves, for example.

        • alexgxo says:

          Given the fact that Abbott only called himself a “Euro-mutt” in that Fashionista interview provided by user “Andrew”, then I don’t think he acknowledges or maybe isn’t even aware of whatever African heritage he has.

          Genetically, he’s probably overwhelmingly European, and whatever African ancestry must be minimal.

  4. SClife says:

    Looks very Mediterranean indeed.

    • Lee says:

      “Mediterranean” isn’t a race nor ethnicity. It is just a sea with many different ethnic groups that live around the sea, appearance is a drop in an ocean of genes. You may be a dark haired Italian and be closer genetically to a blond German than a blond Slav is.

      • Lee says:

        So no such thing as a “Mediterranean look”

        • alexgxo says:

          I’m not sure what you’re talking about. There is an associated look when people say “Mediterranean”. I’m assuming that in the context of “SClife’s” comment, they are implying that he looks Southern European.

      • Oaken05 says:

        So you’re first few posts are you just coming in with ad hominem attacks. Don’t do this. It’s tacky and makes you look like a child.

        I never get how people sign up an account just to attack people in their first posts. You’d never do this in a public face-to-face discussion, so don’t do that shit here.

        • andrew says:


          He/She said to be from Italy, not to be Italian. There are over 5 millions of foreigners in Italy.

          No ethnic Italian can claim that Southern Italians are a mix of “Arabs and Spaniards”. It does not make sense.

        • jackson9 says:

          Andrew why is that such a goofy theory? The Moors invaded Sicily in the 11th century and made their mark on the region. I think of a lot of Sicilians have Arab ancestry going back to that time period.

        • andrew says:

          Basically any invader was not numerous enough to supplant the local population but they were simply a ruling elite. Hence they left a cultural element in architecture, food or language. When the Normans took power, they kicked out the Moors-Saracens in a town in Northern Apulia.

  5. andrew says:

    Lattarico is in Province of Cosenza, Calabria, Italy.

    This article says:

    “Chris is a self-described “euro-mutt,” with strands of Portuguese and Eastern European in his bloodline”

    • Oaken05 says:

      So now you’re making extra accounts to troll and cuss and curse people? GO AWAY.

    • andrew says:


      Va bene. Relax. However Sicilians for what it’s worth are much more “Italic” than Sardinians (at least those who don’t have any recent ancestors from Piedmont, Liguria and Tuscany). Sardinia is separated from Italian mainland, thus indigenous Sardinians are genetically isolated from the rest of Europeans, according to scholars. Yes it’s known the Catalan legacy in towns like Alghero, I was not aware about an Aragon and Castilla (the latter is not properly in Northern Spain) connection. Sardinians are also the darker pigmented of all Italians according to some anthropological studies, because of their affinity to Iberians (Ibero-Insular phenotype).

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