China Soul

Birth Name: China Alexandra Soul

Place of Birth: Tampa, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 5, 1988

*37.5% Norwegian
*25% English
*25% Chinese
*12.5% German

China Soul is an American singer and songwriter.

She is the daughter of actor and singer David Soul and actress Julia Nickson-Soul. Her father was American, and was of three quarters Norwegian, and one quarter German, descent. Her mother was born in Singapore, to an English father and a Chinese mother. China lives in the U.K.

China’s paternal grandfather was The Rev. Richard William Solberg (the son of Carl Knut Solberg and Sina Marguerite Varland). The Rev. Richard was born in South Dakota, and was a Lutheran minister. He was Senior Representative for Lutheran World Relief during the reconstruction of Germany, after WWII, from 1949 until 1956; and was a professor of history and political science. Carl was the son of Norwegian parents, from Nissedal, Telemark, Knud Knudsen Solberg and Aashild Knudsdatter Haugen. Sina was the daughter of Tobias Halvorsen Varland, from Finnøy, Rogaland, Norway, and of Malinda Johnson, whose parents were Norwegian, her father from Klepp, Rogaland and her mother from Hovin, Telemark.

China’s paternal grandmother was June Joanne Nelson (the daughter of Byron Christopher Nelson and Anita Valentine Pleuss). June was born in Wisconsin. Byron was the son of John Mandt Nelson and Thea Johanna Stondall, both of whom were the children of Norwegian parents, from all of them Telemark. Anita was the daughter of Herman Diedrich Pleuß, later Pleuss, who was a German emigrant, from Hanover, Lower Saxony; and of Ottilia Johanna Katerina Jacob, who was also German.

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