Charlee Fraser

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 14 2017: Fraser walks the runway at the Michael Kors Fall Winter 2017 fashion show during New York Fashion Week at the Spring Studios, excelentphoto/

Place of Birth: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Date of Birth: 25 December, 1995

Ethnicity: European, Aboriginal [Awabakal, Worimi, Biripi]

Charlee Fraser is an Australian fashion model. She co-starred in the film Anyone But You. She is 5′10½″.

She is of European and Aboriginal Australian descent. Regarding her ethnic background, she has stated:

I am an Awabakal woman with Worimi and Biripi descent from my mother and my grandmother. Awabakal land is around the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, part of it we now know as Newcastle. I didn’t grow up on Country; I was born and raised on Awabakal land and that’s how I identify, but unfortunately that’s something I really wish I had but didn’t.

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