Celeste Holm

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Date of Birth: April 29, 1917

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Death: July 15, 2012

Place of Death: Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

*Norwegian (father)
*English (mother)

Celeste Holm was an American actress. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Gentleman’s Agreement (1947).

Celeste was the daughter of Jean Parke, an American portrait artist and author, from Minnesota, and Theodor Holm, a Norwegian businessperson. Her father’s company provided marine adjustment services for Lloyd’s of London. She moved often during her childhood, living in Netherlands, France, and the U.S., particularly Chicago.

She had a son, Internet pioneer and sociologist Ted Nelson, with her first husband, film and television director, producer, writer, and actor Ralph Nelson; and a son, businessperson Daniel Dunning, with her third husband, airline public relations executive A. Schuyler Dunning. She was later married to actor Wesley Addy, until his death, and then to Frank Basile, until her death.

Celeste’s paternal grandfather was Karenos Theodor Holm (the son of Christian Lerche Dahl Holm and Caroline Marie Bredahl). Karenos was born in Bergen, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Christian was the son of Danchert Krohn Holm and Karen Dorthea Dahl. Caroline was the daughter of Niels Thomas Bredahl.

Celeste’s paternal grandmother was Cecilie Cathrine Gløersen (the daughter of Gerhard Gunnerus Gløersen and Mathilde Therese Bergh). Cecilie was born in Kristiania, Norway. Gerhard was the son of Gløer Gløersen and Cicilia Cathrine Bergh. Mathilde was the daughter of Paul Ernst Garmann Bergh and Caroline Johanne von Cappelen.

Celeste’s maternal grandfather was named Charles Goddard Parke. Charles was born in Wisconsin.

Celeste’s maternal grandmother was named Blanche E. Newell. Blanche was born in New York.

Source: Genealogy of Celeste Holm (focusing on her father’s side) – http://www.geni.com


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