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Birth Name: Catherine Ann Keener

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 23, 1959

*father – English, German, Scottish
*mother – Lebanese

Catherine Keener is an American actress. She is famous for her roles in the films Being John Malkovich, Lovely & Amazing, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Capote. Her father has English, German, and Scottish ancestry. Her mother was born in Rhode Island, to Lebanese parents. Catherine has a son with her former husband, actor Dermot Mulroney.

Catherine’s patrilineal line traces to Peter Keiner, who was born, c. 1687, in the Palatinate Region of Germany.

Catherine’s paternal grandfather was Irving Abraham Keener (the son of Alexander Irvin Keener and Mary Elizabeth Young). Irving was born in North Carolina. Alexander was the son of Ulrich Keener and Carolina/Caroline Saphronia Ledford. Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of William George Young and Ruth Elmira Moore.

Catherine’s paternal grandmother was Berdell “Birdie” Cope (the daughter of Lucius Lafayette Cope and Nancy Elizabeth Lindsey). Berdell was born in North Carolina. Lucius was the son of Lucious Lafayette Fisher and Nancy Angeline Cope. Catherine’s great-grandmother Nancy Lindsey was the daughter of Julious/Julius Monteville David Lindsey and Talitha Lewellyn Duncan.

Catherine’s maternal grandfather was Shiek/Sheik Michael George Jamiel/Jamayel/Gemayel (the son of Albert George Jamiel and Mary George Falugo). Shiek was born in Mount Lebanon. Catherine’s great-grandfather George was the son of Michael J. Jamiel. Mary was the daughter of George Falugo and Lucy.

Catherine’s maternal grandmother was named Annie/Michel Alya Faloughi. Annie was born in Bikfaya, Lebanon.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Johnsonades says:

    The naturalization act of her grandfather Michael George that you posted and found at clearly states he was from Mount Lebanon, Syria so he was Lebanese just like his wife.

    Her grandmother Annie Jamiel Faloughi was born in Bikfaya, Lebanon as its said in her naturalization act found here

    Their last name might actually be Gemayel instead of Jamiel as can be seen here

    Please change your incorrect and deceiving title in bold as it make readers believe she was both of Syrian and Lebanese descent. Lebanon was part of Greater Syria/Ottoman Syria before 1943. When Lebanon was created those who came from the territory of what became Lebanon started calling themselves Lebanese not Syrian nor Syrian-Lebanese

  2. JasonBaker says:

    Looks Romanian or Russian.

  3. lelo4 says:

    Looks like Barbra Streisand

  4. athelya says:


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