Billy Bryk

Birth Name: William Nicholas Bryk

Place of Birth: Canada (likely)

Date of Birth: October 31, 1999

*father – Ukrainian

Billy Bryk is a Canadian actor, director, and writer. He co-starred in the films Ghostbusters: Afterlife and When You Finish Saving the World, and has starred, co-written, and co-directed the film Hell of a Summer, all with Finn Wolfhard.

He is the son of interior designer Danielle Nicholas Bryk and actor Greg Bryk. His brother is actor and filmmaker Dempsey Bryk. His father’s family had origins in Galicia/Ukraine; all of Billy’s paternal great-grandparents had bonds with the Ukrainian Holy Family Home elderly residence in Winnipeg.

Billy’s paternal grandfather is the son of Harry Bryk and Paraskevia “Pearl” Sumka. Paraskevia was the daughter of Hryhori/Hryhoriy Sumka and Katerena.

Billy’s paternal grandmother is the daughter of Harry Phill and Sophie. Harry was the son of Michael Fill and Maria.


Obituary of Billy’s paternal great-grandmother, Paraskevia “Pearl” (Sumka) Bryk –

Obituary of Billy’s paternal great-grandfather, Harry Phill –

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