Ariana Richards

06/12/2018 – Ariana Richards – “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – Walt Disney Concert Hall – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Kazuki Hirata / /

Birth Name: Arianna Clarice Richards

Place of Birth: Healdsburg, Sonoma, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 11, 1979

Ethnicity: Irish, Italian, English, German or Scandinavian

Ariana Richards is an American actress and painter. She is known for her role as Lex Murphy in the film Jurassic Park.

She is said to be a descendant of boxer John L. Sullivan, and, through her maternal grandmother, Italian painter Carlo Crivelli.

Ariana is married to Mark Aaron Bolton, with whom she has a daughter. Mark is a stunt performer, and was a soldier of the Irish Defence Forces.

Ariana’s maternal grandfather was William Otto Garrison (the son of John Erle Garrison and Mamie Enga Peterson). John was the son of James William Monroe Garrison and Nettie Ruhama West. Based on her surname and birthplace, Wisconsin, it is likely that Mamie had either German or Scandinavian ancestry.

Ariana’s maternal grandmother was Alma Giovanna Brogioli (the daughter of Peter Brogioli and Theresa L. Crivelli). Alma was born in Ross, California, to Italian parents.


Genealogy of Ariana’s maternal grandfather, William Otto Garrison (through William’s brother) (focusing on his father’s side) –

Obituary of Ariana’s maternal grandmother, Alma Giovanna (Brogioli) Garrison –


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