Apollonia Kotero

Apollonia Kotero at the Glamour Reel Moments Short Film Series p

Apollonia Kotero in 2006, photo by s_bukley/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Patricia Kotero

Place of Birth: Santa Monica, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 2, 1959

Ethnicity: Mexican, possibly some German Jewish

Apollonia Kotero is an American singer, actress, model, and talent manager.

Her parents, Maria S. (Torres) and Victor Manuel Kotero, moved from Mexico to the U.S.

A 1984 article in People magazine stated that Appolonia is a “buxom California-born Latin-German Jew,” and she described herself as a “Latin-German Jew” in Rolling Stone the same year. It is not clear where Appolonia’s Jewish ancestry comes from.

Kotero is an unusual surname, and does not appear to be of Spanish origin. It may have a Jewish origin.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. crouching tiger says:

    she got nice features

  2. transemacabre says:

    Her mother’s maiden name was Torres. I suspect, but cannot prove, that her parents were Victor M. Kotero and Maria S. Torres who divorced in L.A. in 1973.

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