Antonio Banderas

Banderas in 2011, Featureflash /

Birth Name: José Antonio Domínguez Bandera

Place of Birth: Málaga, Málaga, Spain

Date of Birth: 10 August, 1960

Ethnicity: Spanish [including Andalusian]

Antonio Banderas is a Spanish actor, director, and producer.

He was born in Málaga, Málaga, Spain, the son of Ana Bandera Gallego and José Domínguez Prieto. He has a daughter with his former partner, Sonnia Gomez, and a daughter, actress Stella Banderas, with his former wife, American actress Melanie Griffith.

Antonio’s paternal grandparents were named Bartolomí Domínguez and Isabel Prieto Vázquez. Isabel was born in Ronda, Málaga.

Antonio’s maternal grandparents were named Rafael Bandera and Francisca Gallego.

A DNA test of uncertain value whose results were displayed on the show El árbol de tu vida stated that Antonio’s genetic ancestry matches to the following countries:

*50% Spain
*20% Italy
*12% Portugal
*11% Jordan
*7% Mexico


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Epaul says:

    Antonio Banderas as a southern-spain citizen obviously has Arabic blood. And he said that himself..

    Banderas, who stars in Black Gold , the opening night film of this year’s DTFF said he considers
    himself partly Arabic. “I am pretty sure I have Arab blood, I am an Andalucian, from the South of
    Spain which was ruled by Arabs for 8 centuries. I have always been very interested in Arab
    culture as its part of my heritage.”

  2. the punisher says:

    Somebody name Jose cannot be white

  3. nnnnn says:

    Which purpose is to change the name Bandera to Banderas?
    Or it’s not a spain name, arabic or so?

  4. Bluerabbits says:

    If you are from Spain then you are considered European. Look at the world map and read more about ethnicity and haplogroups. My dad is taking a dna test this week to see his forefathers ethnicity percentage and migration routes. :) It will be interesting since he is from southern Bangladesh near the sea and coastal area. :)

  5. delnegro says:

    This nigga is Spanish so that makes him white right??? But why is he so fucken dark then? Would somebody explain please!

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