Anthony Dominici

Dominici at the Second Television Academy Honors Gala. Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA. 04-30-09, s_bukley/, photo by

Birth Name: Anthony James Dominici

Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 3, 1970

*father – Italian/Sicilian
*mother – Cuban, some Mexican

Anthony Dominici is an American television producer and director. He is the executive producer and showrunner of television series LEGO Masters, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and America’s Next Top Model, among others.

He is married to producer, director, and casting director Georgia C. Archer. He is a maternal cousin of filmmaker, producer, and writer Phil Lord.

Anthony’s paternal grandfather likely was Salvador Dominici (the son of Gaspare Dominici and Domenica Grego). Salvador was born in Louisiana, to Sicilian Italian parents, who were from Palermo. Gaspare was the son of Manuelo Dominici and Rosalia Medenino. Domenica was the daughter of Salvatore Greco and Rosa Viola.

Anthony’s paternal grandmother likely was Bertha Cristina (the daughter of Vicente Charles Cristina and Caterina Longo). Bertha was born in Louisiana. Vincent was born in Louisiana, the son of Giuseppe Cristina, who was from Palermo, Sicily, Italy, and of Rosalia Barbera, whose parents were from the Ustica Island, Italy. Caterina was born in Louisiana, the daughter of Giuseppe Longo, who was Italian, and of Giovanna Russo, whose parents were Italian.

Anthony’s maternal grandfather was Pedro E. Betancourt Davalos (the son of Pedro Estanislao Betancourt and Haydee Lamar Capó). Anthony’s grandfather Pedro was born in Havana, Cuba. Anthony’s great-grandfather Pedro was a doctor, major general, diplomat, politician, and Cuban revolutionary in the Cuban War of Independence. He was born in the province of Matanzas, Cuba, the son of Juan Florencio Betancourt and Clotilde Davalos. Haydee was also born in Matanzas.

Anthony’s maternal grandmother was Aida Victoria Gasque (the daughter of Alfonso Gasque Arana and Eugenia Portal Fernández). Aida was born in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Alfonso was born in Mexico, the son of Bruno Gasque Naya, whose father was Cuban, and of Adelaida Arana. Eugenia was born in Quemado de Güines, Cuba, the daughter of José Portal and Eugenia Fernández.

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