Anies Baswedan

Birth Name: Anies Rasyid Baswedan

Place of Birth: Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia

Date of Birth: 7 May, 1969

Ethnicity: Indonesian [Javanese], some Hadhrami

Anies Baswedan is an Indonesian academician, activist, and politician. He has been Governor of Jakarta, since 16 October, 2017. He was previously Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia, from 27 October, 2014 to 27 July, 2016.

He is the son of professors Rasyid Baswedan and Aliyah binti Abdullah Al Ganis. He is married to Fery Farhati Ganis, with whom he has four children. His cousin is investigator Novel Baswedan.

Anies’ patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his tenth great-grandfather, Ali Baswedan.

Anies’ paternal grandfather was Abdurrahman “A.R.” Baswedan (the son of Awad bin Umar Baswedan and Aliyah binti Abdullah Djarhum). A.R. was born in Ampel, Soerabaja, Dutch East Indies, and was an Arab Indonesian, a Muwallad of Hadhrami descent from a non-Sayyid family. He was one of the founding fathers of Indonesia, and was a nationalist, journalist, Indonesian freedom fighter, diplomat, and writer. Awad was the son of Umar bin Abubakar Baswedan and Noor binti Salim Baktir. Anies’ great-grandmother Aliyah was the daughter of Abdullah bin Ahmad Djarhum.

Anies’ paternal grandmother was Syeichun “Ning” binti Ahmad Baswedan (the daughter of Ahmad bin Umar Baswedan and Chadidjah binti Abubakar Baswedan). Ahmad and Awad were brothers. Chadidjah was the daughter of Abubakar bin Umar Baswedan and Fatimah binti Ahmad Babgei.

Anies’ maternal grandfather was named Abdullah Al Ganis.

Source: Genealogy of Anies Baswedan (focusing on his father’s side) –

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