Angela Lansbury

Lansbury in 2006, photo by Starfrenzy/

Birth Name: Angela Brigid Lansbury

Place of Birth: Pancras, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 16 October, 1925

Ethnicity: English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh

Angela Lansbury is a British actress and singer. She is the daughter of merchant and politician Edgar Lansbury (Edgar Isaac Lansbury) and actress Moyna Macgill (born Charlotte Lillian McIldowie). Her father was born in Bow, London, England. Her mother was born in Belfast, Ireland.

Angela was married to actor Peter Shaw, until his death. The couple has two children. Her nephew, actor David Lansbury, was married to actress Ally Sheedy.

Angela’s paternal grandfather was George Lansbury (the son of George Lansbury and Mary Anne Ferries). Angela’s grandfather George was born in Halesworth, Suffolk, and was a politician who was Leader of the Labour Party, and, as such, Leader of the Opposition in the U.K. Parliament, from 1932 to 1935. Angela’s great-grandfather George was the son of James Lansbury and Anne. Angela’s great-grandmother Mary Anne was born in Clyro, Radnorshire, Wales.

Angela’s paternal grandmother was Elisabeth Jane Brine (the daughter of Isaac Brine). Elizabeth was born in Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire.

Angela’s maternal grandfather was William McIIdowie (the son of George McIldowie and Charlotte Mantell). George was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, the son of George McIldowie.

Angela’s maternal grandmother was named Elizabeth Jane Mageean.

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