Alyshia Ochse

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Birth Name: Alyshia N. Ochse

Place of Birth: Covington, Kentucky, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 2, 1980

*31.25% German
*31.25% Italian
*25% Polish
*12.5% French

Alyshia Ochse is an American actress. She starred in the made-for-tv movie Bad Sister.

Alyshia’s paternal grandfather is Richard C. Ochse (the son of Gustave Ochse and Amelia/Emilia Beutler/Reutler). Richard was born in Illinois. Gustave was born in Illinois, the son of Gustav Ochse, who was German, and of Matilda Fischer, whose parents were German. Amelia was born in Illinois, the daughter of Gustav Beutler, who was German, and of Carrie Dille, whose parents were German.

Alyshia’s paternal grandmother is Barbara “Joyce” Mayszak (the daughter of Adam Mayszak and Elizabeth L. Gdula). Barbara was born in Illinois. Adam was born in Illinois, and was of Polish descent. Elizabeth was born in Illinois, to parents from Poland, Walter Gdula and Josephine.

Alyshia’s maternal grandfather is James G. Savio (the son of James G. Savio and Lydia/Lida/Lila Legat). Alyshia’s great-grandfather James was born in Illinois, the son of Charles J. Savio, who was Italian, and of Angela/Angelia K., whose parents were German. Lydia was born in Illinois, to French parents, Julis/Jules Legat and Frances Barbier.

Alyshia’s maternal grandmother is Marlene Savoure (the daughter of James Peter Savoure/Savouré and Mary T. Cresto). Marlene was born in Illinois. James was born in Italy, the son of Patrick Savoure/Savouré and Katherine Friesa. Mary was born in Illinois, to Italian parents, Peter T. Cresto and Margurite “Maggie” Zucca.

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  1. madman says:

    31.25% German
    31.25% Italian
    25% Polish
    12.5% French

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