Aliocha Schneider

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: 21 September, 1993

*father – Ashkenazi Jewish
*mother – French

Aliocha Schneider is a French and Canadian actor. His roles include the films The Last Escape, Aurelie Laflamme’s Diary, The Four Soldiers, The Tournament (2015), Ville-Marie, Closet Monster, The New Life of Paul Sneijder, Pompei (2019), Thanks for Everything, and Greek Salad, and the series Vampires (2020) and Music (2023). Most of his roles have been in Canada.

Aliocha is the son of Isabelle Schneider, a model, and Jean-Paul Schneider, a theatre actor and director and classical dancer, who founded a theatre school in Montréal. He is the brother of actors Vadim Schneider, Niels Schneider, Vassili Schneider, and Volodia Schneider, who is also a musician. He was raised mostly in Québec, Canada, and is a Canadian citizen.

Aliocha’s paternal grandfather was surnamed Schneider.

Aliocha’s paternal grandmother was named Arlette. Arlette was a Russian Jewish immigrant.

Aliocha’s maternal grandfather was Michel Guillot (the son of Pierre Valère Guillot and Catherine Marie Joseph Côte). Michel was born in Lyon. Pierre was the son of Marie Victor Guillot and Eugénie Angélique Berthon. Catherine was the daughter of Pierre Marie Victor Côte and Marthe Antoinette Dugoujon.

Aliocha’s maternal grandmother was Françoise Marie Simone Rajon (the daughter of Louis Michel Armand Rajon and Marie Thérèse Emilie Gilibert). Aliocha’s grandmother Marie was born in Lyon.


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