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10/20/2012 – Alice Krige – The 48th Chicago International Festival Awards 2012 – Blackstone Hotel – Chicago, IL,USA – Photo Credit: Daniel Locke / PR Photos

Birth Name: Alice Maud Krige

Place of Birth: Upington, Cape Province, South Africa

Date of Birth: 28 June, 1954

*father – Afrikaner [Dutch, German, French Huguenot, Belgian, distant Swiss-German]
*mother – English, distant Irish

Alice Krige is a South African actress and producer. She is known for starring in Ghost Story, Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers, Star Trek: First Contact, Gretel & Hansel, and other genre roles.

Alice is the daughter of Patricia, a professor of psychology, and Louis Krige, a physician. Her father was born on Western Cape, and her mother was born in Rhodesia, Eastern Cape. She is married to writer and director Paul Schoolman.

Alice’s paternal great-uncle, her grandfather’s brother, was politician Joel Krige, who was Speaker of the Union of South Africa, from 1915 to 1924.

Alice’s patrilineal line can be traced to Steffen Kriege/Krigo/Krige, who was born, c. 1632, in Lienen, Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Alice’s paternal grandfather was Jacobus Edmund Joubert Krige (the son of Willem Adolph/Adolf Krige and Louisa Jacoba/Jakoba Petronella Ackermann/Ackerman). Jacobus was born on Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Willem was the son of Jacob Daniel Krige and Maria Wilhelmina Joubert. Louisa was the daughter of Christiaan Joël Ackermann/Ackerman and Margaretha/Margreta Maria Joubert.

Alice’s paternal grandmother was Alida Viljoen Gie (the daughter of George William Gie and Elsie/Elsje Maria Catharina van der Merwe). Alida was born in Cape Province. George was the son of Coenraad Johannes Carolus Gie and Catharina Johanna Stegmann/Stegman. Elsie was the daughter of Roelof Petrus van der Merwe and Elsie Meiring.

Alice’s maternal grandfather was named William Cook.

Alice’s maternal grandmother was Alice Ryan (the daughter of Edward James Ryan and Eliza Fox). Alice was born in Pancras, London, England. Edward was the son of Edward and Rosina Ryan. Eliza was the daughter of Samuel Fox and Mary Ann Phillips.

Alice is a fourth cousin, once removed, of actress Charlize Theron. Alice’s third great-grandparents, Willem Adolph Krige and Elisabeth/Elizabeth Petronella de Villiers, were also Charlize’s paternal fourth great-grandparents.

Source: Genealogy of Alice Krige (focusing on her father’s side) –

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  1. andrew says:

    the unlikely surname “Gie” traces back to Switzerland.
    Ackermann line:

    The largest part of her ethnic background seems made by insane inbreeding between French Huguenot families, with German, Dutch, Belgian and some remote slave ancestors.

    Alice’s paternal grand-uncle (grandfather’s brother) was politician Joel Krige:

  2. andrew says:

    Alice is also a second cousin, once removed, of writer Uys Krige and of mining engineer Danie G. Krige:

    All through Jacob Daniel Krige and Maria Wilhelmina Joubert.

  3. andrew says:

    >Louisa Jacoba Petronella Ackermann). Louisa was the daughter of Christiaan Joël Ackermann and Margaretha Maria Joubert.

  4. andrew says:

    She is a 4th cousin, once removed, of Charlize Theron.

    Alice’s paternal 3rd great-grandparents, Willem Adolph Krige and Elisabeth de Villiers, were also Charlize’s paternal 4th great-grandparents.

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