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HELSINKI, FINLAND – JUNE 15, 2015: Stubb meets representatives of the media in Etelaranta Helsinki. Taina Sohlman/

Birth Name: Cai-Göran Alexander Stubb

Place of Birth: Helsinki, Finland

Date of Birth: 1 April, 1968

Ethnicity: Finnish, Swedish, German [including Baltic German and Russia German], 1/32 Danish, distant Swiss-German, remote Belgian Walloon and Scottish

Alexander Stubb is a Finnish politician. He has been President of Finland, since 1 March, 2024. He was previously Prime Minister of Finland, from 24 June, 2014 to 29 May, 2015, as well as Minister for Foreign Affairs, from 4 April, 2008 to 22 June, 2011, Minister for European Affairs and Trade, from 22 June, 2011 to 24 June, 2014, Leader of the National Coalition Party, from 14 June, 2014 to 11 June, 2016, and Minister of Finance, from 29 May, 2015 to 22 June, 2016, among other duties. He has also been a political researcher, vice president of the European Investment Bank, and director and professor of the School of Transnational Governance at the EUI.

His father, Göran Stubb, is an ice hockey executive, and has been the CEO of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association and the National Hockey League (NHL) Director of European Scouting; he is a native Swedish speaker. His mother, Christel Riitta Marianne (Setälä), was a native Finnish speaker. He was raised in Lehtisaari, Helsinki. President Stubb is married to British-Finnish attorney Suzanne Elizabeth Innes, with whom he has two children.

President Stubb’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his eleventh great-grandfather, Marcus Stubb.

President Stubb’s paternal grandfather was Knut Wolmar Stubb (the son of Jacob Johansson Stubb and Ida Sofia Varo). Wolmar was born in Viipuri, now Vyborg, Leningrad Oblast, Russia. Jacob was the son of Johan Jacobsson Stubb and Anna Mattsdotter Mattbäck. Ida was the daughter of Maria Sofia Eriksdotter Varo.

President Stubb’s paternal grandmother was Laelia Marita Breitenstein (the daughter of Bruno Arthur Breitenstein and Laelia Buttenhoff). Marita was born in Viipuri, and was of German and Swiss descent. Bruno was the son of Wilhelm Robert Breitenstein and Alexandrine Charlotta Sofie Jeannette Buttenhoff. Laelia was the daughter of Woldemar Alexander Buttenhoff and Elisabeth von Hübner.

President Stubb’s maternal grandfather was Kai Martin Edward Setälä (the son of Emil Eino Fredrik Setälä and Helmi Emilia Snellman). Kai was born in Pori, and was a physician and professor of pathological anatomy at the University of Helsinki. Eino was of part Swedish, and from his father, remote Belgian Walloon, descent, and was the son of Edvard Optatus Setälä and Elin Maria Hellstén. Helmi’s father, Martin Edvard Johansson Snellman, was of part Swedish, as well as distant German, and remote Scottish, descent. Helmi’s mother, Dagmar Vilhelmina Mortensen, was the daughter of Schack Grundahl Mortensen, who was Danish, from Gørding, Jylland, now part of Southern Denmark; and of Maria Henrika Bergström, who was Swedish, from Kalix, Norrbotten County.

President Stubb’s maternal grandmother was Inger Maria Ekman (the daughter of Tor Harald Johan Ekman and Marie-Louise Sally Rosengren). Tor was the son of Oskar Nikolai Ekman and Ida Olivia “Vivi” Ungern; he was of part Swedish, and, from his mother, distant German, including Baltic German, ancestry. Marie-Louise was also of part Swedish, and distant German, descent, and was the daughter of Knut Leonard Elias Rosengren and Sally Ravander.

President Stubb’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his sixth great-grandmother, Anna Isaksdotter.

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    He took office as President of Finland today, succeeding Sauli Niinistö.

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