Alden Richards

Birth Name: Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr.

Place of Birth: Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

Date of Birth: January 2, 1992

*Cornish, Dutch, English, French, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Scottish, remote Belgian (Flemish) and Norwegian (paternal grandfather)
*Filipino (Ilocano and Kapampangan) (paternal grandmother and mother, respectively)

Alden Richards is a Filipino actor, host, and model. He is best known as one-half of AlDub, alongside Maine Mendoza. His father, Richard Peralta Faulkerson, Sr., is of half-American and half-Ilocano descent. His mother, Rosario “Rio” Reyes, was a native of Pampanga.

Alden’s paternal grandfather was William Marion Faulkerson (the son of William Ney Fulkerson and Ida Estella May Tennant). Alden’s grandfather¬†William was American, from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Alden’s great-grandfather William was the son of Marion Montgomery Fulkerson and Harriet Hinchman. Ida was the daughter of Scottish immigrant William James Tennant, of Glasgow, and of Jane Coveney.

Alden’s paternal grandmother was Erlinda Concepcion Peralta (the daughter of ? Peralta and ? Concepcion). Erlinda was Ilocana, from Sinait, Ilocos Sur.

Alden’s maternal grandmother is named Linda.

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    I saw in the commercial that Alden’s maternal grandmother is named Linda.

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