Alan Walker

Birth Name: Alan Olav Walker

Place of Birth: Northampton, Northamptonshire, England

Date of Birth: 24 August, 1997

*English, 1/8 Manx (father)
*Norwegian (mother)

Alan Walker is an English-Norwegian record producer. His father, Philip Alan Walker, is English. His mother, Hilde (Omdal), is Norwegian.

Alan’s paternal grandfather is William R. “Bill” Walker (the son of William Walker and Ellenore Jessie Strudwick). Alan’s great-grandfather William was likely the son of William Henry Walker and Louisa Newitt. Ellenore was the daughter of William Robert Strudwick and Ellenore Jessie Puckridge, who was Manx.

Alan’s paternal grandmother is Daphne E. Webb (the daughter of Leonard Alfred “Jack” Webb and Annie Mott). Leonard was the son of William Webb and Louisa Wigmore. Annie was the daughter of Luke Mott and Sarah Ann Arthur.

Alan’s maternal grandfather is Olav Omdal (the son of Ingvald Emil Eliassen Omdal and Johanna Stapnes). Ingvald was the son of Elias Pedersen Omdal and Ingeborg Helene Nilsdatter Mong. Johanna was the daughter of Severin Helgesen Stapnes and Bertine Hansdatter Mong.

Alan’s maternal grandmother is Ingebjørg Larsdatter Degnepoll (the daughter of Lars Martin Larsen Degnepold, later Degnepoll, and of Maggy Lovise Andersdatter Ervik). Lars was the son of Lars Olsen Degnepold, later Degnepoll, and of Ingeborg Larsdatter Trollebø. Maggy was the daughter of Anders Mathias Rasmussen Ervik and Entse Marie Jonsdatter Ferstad.

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    Typo: Anders Mathias Rasmussen Ervik

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