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Birth Name: Adrien Nicholas Brody

Place of Birth: Woodhaven, Queens, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 14, 1973

*75% Ashkenazi Jewish
*25% Hungarian

Adrien Brody is an American actor and producer. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for The Pianist (2002).

Adrien’s father, Elliot Brody, is Jewish, of Polish Jewish descent.

Adrien’s mother, Sylvia Plachý, is a prominent photographer, who was born in Budapest, Hungary. Adrien’s maternal grandfather was a Hungarian Catholic. Adrien’s maternal grandmother was a Czech Jew, whose own parents were killed in the Holocaust. Adrien’s mother was raised Catholic, and did not know about her own mother’s Jewish background until her teenage years. Sylvia’s mother was hidden by Sylvia’s father during the Holocaust.

Adrien has said that he was raised around both Judaism and Catholicism.

His mother’s surname, Plachý, means “shy” in Czech.

Adrien’s maternal grandfather was named Willy Plachý (the son of Matild Ábrányi). Willy was born outside of marriage, and took on the surname of his stepfather, Zsigmond Plachý. Willy has been described as being of aristocratic background. Matild was the daughter of Ábrányi Lajos/Louis, a noted painter, who was born in Békéscsaba, Békés, Magyarország, and of Róza Vay.

Adrien’s maternal grandmother was the daughter of Jahr Miklos and Iren Shvartz. Jahr was born in Kőrösmező, Czechoslovakia, the son of Shmuel. Adrien’s great-grandfather Jahr was killed in the Dachau concentration camp.

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