Adelaide Kane

Adelaide Kane scottish ethnicity

Kane in 2013, photo by

Birth Name: Adelaide Victoria Kane

Place of Birth: Claremont, Western Australia

Date of Birth: 9 August, 1990

*Scottish (father)
*French, Scottish, Irish (mother)

Adelaide Kane is an Australian actress.

She has stated:

I am half Scottish. My father is an expat from Glasgow, and on my mother’s side there’s a bit of French, a bit of Scottish, a bit of Irish. But the Scottish tartan on my mother’s side is Royal Stuart, which is funny since I’m playing Mary Stuart. Theoretically we’re related, but not legitimately, unfortunately. Some lord went and knocked up a serving wench or something back in the day!

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  1. Mixed Kidd says:

    Beautiful French girl

  2. ses101 says:

    Never saw her before, but she looks great in the pic here.

  3. Kimmel says:

    A bit underwhelmed. Being an Aussie, I presumed British ancestry as a default, but thought something more than French would be in the mix.

  4. hesh123 says:

    Jesus Christ scottish girls

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