Suzanne Vega

by stlucas on February 1, 2017

Birth Name: Suzanne Nadine Peck

Place of Birth: (possibly) Santa Monica, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 11, 1959

*English, Irish, Scottish (father)
*German, Swedish (mother)

Suzanne Vega is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. She is the daughte of Patricia Jean (Schumacher) and Richard Peck.

Her biological father has English, Irish, and Scottish roots. Her mother’s surname is of German origin. She is also said to have Swedish ancestry. Suzanne was raised in New York City by her mother and stepfather, Puerto Rican novelist Edgardo Vega Yunqué, since she was nine months old.

She has stated:

I was raised in a half-Puerto Rican family and spent five years in East Harlem as a young child. At some point, when I was about 9 years old, I learned that my birth father was actually English-Scottish-Irish. Or white, as we used to say in my old neighborhood. Actually, anybody looking at me could probably tell that this was the case, but I felt I was the last to know, partly because I was treated by my Puerto Rican abuelita and my aunt and uncle as one of their own. I was proud, and still am proud, to be a Vega.

Edgardo Vega Yunqué was the son of Alberto Vega and Abigail Yunqué Martinez.

Suzanne’s maternal grandfather was named Lloyd Schumacher.


Genealogy of Suzanne Vega –

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