Russell Wong

"The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" American Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: Russell Girard Wong

Place of Birth: Troy, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 1, 1963

*Chinese (father)
*Dutch, French (mother)

Russell Wong is an American actor. The sixth of seven children, he was born in Troy, New York. His father, William Wong, is a Chinese-American restaurateur. His mother, Connie Van Yserloo, an artist, is of Dutch and French descent.

Russell has a daughter with dancer Eartha Robinson.


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    1. mark-paul actually isn’t half, dumbass. his mother is dutch-indonesian. he’s less than half. russell doesn’t look fully asian to me. are you also one of those ignorant white assholes who think mulattoes look fully black too?

    1. his eyes contain obvious blue/green colouration, a hazelnut contains neither or those colours, look up a hazelnut and put it next to his eyes, tell me if you see a resemblance

    1. That’s because white genes and recessive. If you notice that when a person of color mixes with a white person, their children take after the non-white parent? Black and white mixes look black, same with Asian and white. Of course there are times when the child takes after their white parent, but most of the time the kids don’t look white at all.

      1. Son of a b1tch, I meant ARE recessive*. This is why I hate using my phone, it fcuks everything up. I actually can spell and form correct sentences, my fcuking phone likes to make me look stupid!

        He doesn’t look 100% Asian to me. Compare him to a pure Chinese person.

  1. correction; his eyes are green, if you want to get technical his eyes are a blue/green with brown around the pupil which is why they do look brown in the website picture however if you look closely they have an obvious blue colour around the edges of the eye.
    Here are some pictures where his eyes are obviously light and have strong green colouration;,0

  2. correction; they are green, how about looking at more than one picture before making judement, I provided two large pictures where his eyes are obviously light

        1. incorrect, you like many others are clearly under the north American misconception that hazel refers to eyes that are green and brown or multi coloured. Hazel actually refers to the light luminous brown colour of a hazelnut, hence the word ‘hazel’. In Europe the origin or light eyes and hazelnuts they still use the true meaning of hazel eyes and the first reference to eyes ever being described as the colour hazel was by William Shakespeare in Romeo & Juliet where he compared a womans eyes to the reddish brown colour of a ripe hazelnut but somehow, someway hundreds of years later North Americans have misconceived the definition of hazel eyes to be green and brown or any light eye that appears to shift in colour regardless of the eyes actually resemblance to the colour of a hazelnut.
          These are true hazel eyes;

          As you can see they’re just a lighter pretty golden brown and can have reddish brown tones present, hazel is just a word to make brown eyes sound nicer and identify lighter more vibrant brown eyes differently to that of deeper/darker brown eyes. If you still don’t believe me do some research on the hazel eye misconception

          1. I’m not North American and I know eye colours very well as my relatives have blue, green and hazel eyes and this gentleman’s eyes are not at all green.

        2. if you cannot see his eyes are light and of mixed blue/green with brown you’re either not paying close enough attention, very ignorant or choosing to disagree because for some reason my hair & colour corrections annoy you. I never make corrections on my own pretences, i properly view large pictures of the celebrities eyes before making judgment, as eye colour can only be truly defined by viewing close up images, a persons eyes can be easily misconceived without proper examination from good distance and lighting.

          1. His eyes don’t have any blue or green in them. They are what would be called hazel eyes. I think the majority of people wouldn’t agree with your eye colour definitions. Everyone with brown eyes is hazel to you and hazel eyed people are all green eyed or “forest green”. I’m not very ignorant because I don’t agree with your colour classifications. Are you a qualified anthropologist? In anthropological terms his eyes wouldn’t be classified as light.

          2. don’t try to tell me about eye colours, I’ve done my research, green and brown or blue and brown is certainly not hazel, hazel is just a light yellowish/reddish brown, how about you type ‘hazelnut’ on google images and tell me what colour they look to you, I’d be surprised if you found ones that were blue or green in any way. In terms of his eyes not being classified as light, you’re clearly a blind ignoramus.

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