Richard Harris

Birth Name: Richard St John Harris

Date of Birth: 1 October, 1930

Place of Birth: Limerick, Irish Free State

Date of Death: 25 October, 2002

Place of Death: University College Hospital, London, England, U.K.

*75% Irish
*12.5% Scottish
*12.5% Danish

Richard Harris was an Irish actor, singer, songwriter, writer, director, and producer.

Richard was the son of Mildred and Ivan Harris. He had three children, director and screenwriter Damian Harris, and actors Jared Harris and Jamie Harris, with his former wife, Welsh socialite Elizabeth Rees-Williams. His grand-niece is actress Annabelle Wallis.

Richard’s paternal grandfather was Richard Harris (the son of James Harris and Ann O’Meehan). Richard’s grandfather Richard was born in Limerick. James was born in Wexford, the son of Richard Harris and Eleanor Hayman.

Richard’s paternal grandmother was Harriet Anderson (the daughter of William Anderson and Harriet Lunde). Richard’s grandmother Harriet was born in Drainie, Scotland. William was born in Muray, Urquhart, Elgin, the son of Alexander Anderson and Ann Simon. Richard’s great-grandmother Harriet was born in Elsinore, Denmark, the daughter of Julius Theodor Lunde and Marie Hansine Weissi.

Richard’s maternal grandfather was James Harty (the son of James Harty and Mary Coleman). Richard’s grandfather James was Irish. Richard’s great-grandfather James was the son of Rody Harty. Mary was the daughter of Charles Coleman.

Richard’s maternal grandmother was Bridget/Brigid Liddy/Lyddy (the daughter of Thomas George Lyddy and Mary Sheehan). Bridget was born in Limerick. Thomas was the son of John Lyddy. Mary was the daughter of Patrick Sheehan.

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