Katie Aselton

by madman on August 30, 2016

LOS ANGELES - JUL 14:  Katie Aselton at the Gleason LA Premiere

Birth Name: Kathryn Aselton

Place of Birth: Milbridge, Maine, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 1, 1978

Ethnicity: French-Canadian, English, possibly other

Katie Aselton is an American actress, director, and producer. She is the daughter of Ora (Mathurin) and Carl Aselton. Katie is married to filmmaker and actor Mark Duplass, with whom she has two children.

Katie’s maternal grandparents were Louis A. Mathurin (the son of Michael Ozeas Mathurin and Dora Anna Messier) and Anita Michaud. Michael’s parents, Andorne Mathurin and Josephine, were Canadian. Dora was the daughter of Damien Messier, who was Canadian, and of Emma Geoffison, whose parents were Canadian.

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Dora Anna Messier on the 1910 U.S. Census – https://familysearch.org

photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com

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