Julie Newmar

2010 Wizard World Anaheim Convention - Day 1

Birth Name: Julia Chalene Newmeyer

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Date of Birth: August 16, 1933

Ethnicity: Swedish (maternal grandmother), German, English, French-Canadian, Welsh

Julie Newmar is an American actress. She is the daughter of Helene M. (Jesmer) and Don Newmeyer (Donald Charles Newmeyer), who was head of the Phys Ed department at Los Angeles City College.

Julie’s paternal grandparents were William Lawrence Newmeyer (the son of William Newmeyer and Ellen Hellen Kloeckney) and Sophia Richardson (the daughter of Edgar Morrison Richardson and Sarah Webb Hutchings).

Julie’s maternal grandparents were Hiram Burt Jesmer (the son of Nelson E. Narcisse Jesmer and Sarah H. Goulding) and Julia Andyette Nyquist (the daughter of Elias Svensson/Månsson Nyquist and Marie Ida Hagman). Nelson was French-Canadian. Sarah’s father was English (from Somerset) and Sarah’s mother was Welsh (from Monmouthshire). Elias and Marie were of Swedish descent.

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