Brie Larson

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Birth Name: Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers

Place of Birth: Sacramento, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 1, 1989

*father – French-Canadian, as well as distant Métis
*mother – English, Swedish, German, Welsh, Scottish

Brie Larson is an American actress, singer, director, and filmmaker. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for Room (2015). She plays Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and has also featured in the films Sleepover, Hoot, Remember the Daze, Just Peck, Tanner Hall, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Rampart, 21 Jump Street, The Trouble with Bliss, Short Term 12, The Spectacular Now, The Gambler, Trainwreck, Digging for Fire, Kong: Skull Island, Free Fire, The Glass Castle, Unicorn Store, which she also directed, Basmati Blues, Just Mercy, and Fast X; and on television’s Raising Dad, Right on Track, and United States of Tara. She is an advocate for gender equality and sexual assault survivors.

She is the daughter of Heather and Sylvain Desaulniers. Her parents had a practice together as homeopathic chiropractors. Her father is from a French-Canadian family, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, with distant Métis roots. Her mother has English, Swedish, German, Welsh, and Scottish ancestry. Brie uses the surname of her maternal great-grandmother, Larson, as her stage name. She also took the name because of an American Girl doll named Kirsten Larson. She is also a Canadian citizen.

Brie’s paternal grandfather was Aurèle J. Desaulniers (the son of Joseph Exaverie/Xavérie/Xavier “Casseux” Desaulniers and Marie Josephine Sidonie Laroche). Aurèle was born in St. Elizabeth, Manitoba, Canada. Joseph was the son of Maxime/Maxim Lesieur/Firmin Desaulniers and Victoria Gélinas. Marie Josephine was the daughter of Arthur Emmanuel Laroche and Marie Jeanne Lafrenière.

Brie’s paternal grandmother was Gabrielle Marie-Therese Chatelain (the daughter of Josephat/Josaphat Eusebe Châtelain and Alda Marie Josephine Privé). Gabrielle was born in Lebret, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Josephat was the son of Joseph Châtelain and Marie Alida Daoust. Alda was the daughter of Arthur Napoléon Privé and Joséphine Langlois.

Brie’s maternal grandfather was Bobby/Bob Glen Edwards (the son of Glen Thurston Edwards and Lorene/Loren Jewel Corzine). Bobby was born in Oklahoma. Brie’s great-grandfather Glen was the son of George T. Edwards and Dora C. Lorene was the daughter of Lewis Collins Corzine and Josephine Burns.

Brie’s maternal grandmother is Bonnie I. Hunt (the daughter of James Ivan Hunt and Elva Josephine Larson). Bonnie was born in Utah. James was the son of James Carlos Hunt and Elzina May Watson. Elva was the daughter of Carl August Larson, who was Swedish, from Trollhatton, Elfsborg, and of Anna Margaret Stocker, who was German, and was born in Mannheim, Baden; the daughter of Heinrich “Henry” Stocker and Maria Lucia Hardt.

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