Jose Diokno

Birth Name: Jose Wright Diokno

Date of Birth: February 26, 1922

Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines

Date of Death: February 27, 1987

Place of Death: Quezon City, Philippines

Ethnicity: Filipino (Dinagat and Tagalog), English, with distant Han Chinese, Indian, Irish, Mexican, Spanish (Castilian and Galician)

Jose Diokno was a Filipino nationalist. He was the son of Ramón Diokno, a former senator and Justice of the Supreme Court, and Leonor Wright, a British mestiza. He was married to Carmen Reyes Icasiano.

Jose’s paternal grandparents were Ananías Diokno y Noblejas (the son of Ángel Diokno and María Andrea Noblejas y Sauza) and Paulina Marasigan. María Andrea was the daughter of Juan Noblejas and Restituta María del Carmen Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina. Restituta was the daughter of Santiago Sauza y de los Ríos, a Spanish-Mexican of Galician descent, and Ysabel Berenguer de Marquina y Sumulong. Ysabel was the daughter of Félix Ignacio Juan Nicolás Antonio José Joaquín Buenaventura Berenguer de Marquina y FitzGerald, Viceroy of New Spain, and Demetria Sumulong y Lindo. Félix was the son of Ignacio Berenguer de Marquina y Pascual de Riquelme, a Spaniard, and Mary FitzGerald, an Irish of distant English descent.

Jose’s four times great-grandmother Demetria was the daughter of Fortunato Sumulong y Singh, a Filipino of Dinagat, English, and Indian descent, and Li Xiaoli (later María Andrea Lindo), a Chinese immigrant from Fujian province.

Jose was a third cousin of lawyer Francis Garchitorena. Jose’s great-great-grandparents, Juan Noblejas and Restituta María del Carmen Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina, were also Francis’ great-great-grandparents.

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