Gloria Govan

Ethnicity: African-American, Mexican

Gloria Govan starred on the television show Basketball Wives. She has two children with her former husband, NBA player Matt Barnes. She is the sister of television personality Laura Govan.

Gloria is of half Mexican and half African-American ancestry.

Gloria has stated:

Hey I’m half mexican, u know I love my tacos…

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    1. There’s been tension between everybody, since when has that stopped babies from being born. I know latinos are told not to bring anybody black home, but they grow up around black people so it’s going to happen. Same thing for Whites. Asians, Natives, etc If they are around each other, mixed- blood babies will be born, no matter how much the older generation yells

        1. My answer to that, is I’m over 21. I mean no disrepect to you , so don’t take the wrong way. How old are you?

          Oh yes I have to add Italian as a contributor to my family bloodline now. My brother took a DNA test and he’s scored 3% so now between 3 kids that have taken the test it’s:
          Europe East(don’t know which one)
          just waiting on the Jewish to pop up

          1. okay, since that’s out of the way, why did you want to know my age in the first place?

          2. Because you talked about “older generation” customs. If you want a clue, I am younger than 35.

          3. @Andrew

            Quote(Because you talked about “older generation” customs)
            I made that comment, because that’s what they say. My mother my she rest in peace, always said don’t you bring no white girl home. She was upset when my little brother dated mostly latino girls. and their families were and are equally upset that their daughters were messing around with my brother. I remember when my brother was caught kissing his mexican girlfriend at the liquor store by her mother. Her father made her break -up with my brother that night.His fiancée whose Cuban/salvadorian family right now still acts crazy. The old latino women in Los Angeles make it real clear they don’t like their daughters and granddaughters messing with the black guys. However at the grade schools and colleges, that’s all you see happening, and the older generation don’t like it , and are not ashame to let you know they don’t like it

          4. There was my uncle who said during a Christmas meal of 2 years ago that if her daughter would have dated a black guy it was alright, it wasn’t if the guy was a Muslim one. He had drunk some glasses of red wine but he was honest

    1. yea i was wondering dat too…becuz i heard sumbody say dat Gloria from da show basketball wives has hawaiian in her….so dats why i watched it to c or figure out if she was hawaiian nd stuff but i guess not,but those ladys on basketball wives or should i even called dem ladys becuz dey act childish nd immature for dere age its ridiculous dats why i don’t really watch dat show ugh get all of dem off da show. :P

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