Bradley Buecker

Birth Name: Bradley Joseph Buecker

Place of Birth: Piqua, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 20, 1971

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish

Bradley Buecker is an American television and film director, producer, and editor.

Bradley is the son of Cheryl and Thomas Buecker.

Bradley’s paternal grandfather was Leonard J. Buecker (the son of Joseph Herman Buecker and Eleanor Bartel). Leonard was born in Ohio. Joseph was born in Ohio, to German parents, Clemens Buecker and Mary. Eleanor was born in Ohio, the daughter of Aloysius A. Bartel, whose parents were German, and of Antonia Hemsteger, whose parents were German.

Bradley’s paternal grandmother was Margaret M. Decker (the daughter of Walter Jacob Decker and Clara Adeline Prather). Margaret was born in Ohio. Walter was born in Ohio, to parents from Germany, Valentine Decker and Johannah/Hannah Schaffer. Clara was born in Ohio, the daughter of Walter Wirt Prather and Laura B. Robuck.

Bradley’s maternal grandfather was named Charles R. “Mick” McMaken.

Bradley’s maternal grandmother was Marjorie J. Clarkson (the daughter of Chester Devillars Clarkson and Gertrude Frances Higgins). Marjorie was born in Ohio. Chester was born in Ohio, the son of Lewis DeVillers Clarkson and Sarah H. “Sadie” Mears. Gertrude was born in Ohio, the daughter of Thomas E. Stewart and Florence Higgins.

Source: Obituary of Bradley’s maternal grandmother, Marjorie J. (Clarkson) McMaken –

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