Alison Haislip

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Birth Name: Alison Fesq Haislip

Place of Birth: Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 6, 1981

Ethnicity: German, Italian, French-Canadian

Alison Haislip is an American actress and television correspondant.

Alison is the daughter of Jacqueline Anne (Fesq) and Bruce D. Haislip. Alison has a brother, Greg.

Alison’s paternal grandfather was Edward Thomas Haislip (the son of Richard Allen Haislip and Mare Mauguerite Thomas). Richard was the son of Reuben Drake Haislip and Moritzetta Susan “Etta” Heller, whose father was from Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, and was likely an ethnic German. Mare was born in Québec, Canada.

Alison’s paternal grandmother was Ethel Amelia Weiss (the daughter of Addie Ackerman). Addie was the daughter of John Augustus Ackerman and Emma Schreiber.

Alison’s maternal grandfather was John Fred Henry Fesq (the son of Edward Julius Fesq and Alberta S. Behm). Edward was the son of Johann/John Fritz Henry Fesq, who was German, and of Margarethe/Margaret Elizabeth Brud/Brust, whose own parents, Joseph Brust and Barbara Williams, were German. Alberta was the daughter of Vallera.

Alison’s maternal grandmother was Natalie Nicola Nasuti (the daughter of Vincenzo Nasuti and Antoinette Breghella). Vincenzo and Antoinette were Italian.

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