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Birth Name: Alexander Arthur van Halen

Place of Birth: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Date of Birth: May 8, 1953

*father – Dutch
*mother – Dutch-Indonesian [Javanese], as well as approximately one eighth Italian

Alex Van Halen is a Dutch and American musician and songwriter. He is a co-founder of rock band Van Halen. He and his brother, musician, songwriter, producer, and inventor Eddie Van Halen, started the band, with Alex as the drummer and Eddie as the lead guitarist. His nephew is musician Wolfgang Van Halen, who is Eddie’s son, and who is also a member of the band. Other members of Van Halen include/have included Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar, and David Lee Roth.

Alex was born in Nijmegen, Netherlands, the son of Eugenia (van Beers) and Jan van Halen, who was a clarinetist, saxophonist, and pianist. His father was Dutch. His mother was Eurasian, from Rangkasbitung, on the island of Java, Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia; she had Indonesian, Dutch, and approximately one eighth Italian, ancestry. The family also lived in Amsterdam. The Van Halens moved to Pasadena, California in 1962, later becoming U.S. citizens.

Alex is married to Stine Schyberg. He has a son with his former wife Kelly Carter; and a son with Stine.

Alex’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his tenth great-grandfather Claes van Halen.

Alex’s paternal grandfather was Hermanus van Halen (the son of Hermanus van Halen and Jacoba Maria Kamermans). Alex’s grandfather Hermanus was born in Den Helder, North Holland, Netherlands. Alex’s great-grandfather Hermanus was the son of Jan van Halen and Hermina Beekman. Jacoba was the daughter of Jacob Kamermans and Neeltje Netten.

Alex’s paternal grandmother was Jannetje Berg (the daughter of Jan Berg and Elizabeth/Elisabeth Adriana Vink). Alex’s grandmother Jannetje was born in Den Helder, Den Helder, North Holland, Netherlands. Alex’s great-grandfather Jan was the son of Christiaan Willems Berg and Jannetje Baars/Baartse. Elizabeth was the daughter of Johannes Jacobus Vink and Hendrikje Visser.

Alex’s maternal grandfather was named Frans van Beers (the son of Nicolaas van Beers and Bidjie). Frans was born in Bojonegoro, Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia, of Dutch and Indonesian descent. Nicolaas was born in the Netherlands, the son of Willem van Beers and Cornelia Commandeur.

Alex’s maternal grandmother was Eugenie Rygelo Mafficioli del Castelletto (the daughter of Regolo Mafficioli del Casteletto/Castelletto and Riobinem/Roebinem). Eugenie was born in Purworejo, Purworejo, Central Java, Indonesia. Regolo was the son of Lucien Paul Felix Mafficioli del Casteletto/Castelletto and Betje Augustina/Agustina; Lucien had Italian ancestry, and was the son of Paolo Mafficioli del Casteletto/Castelletto and Lisa Tumpa. Alex’s great-grandmother Riobinem was Javanese.

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