Zsa Zsa Gábor

Gabor in 1959, photo By News release by Rogers & Cowan talent agents (ebay) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Birth Name: Sári Gábor

Date of Birth: February 6, 1917

Place of Birth: Budapest, Austria-Hungary (present-day Hungary)

Date of Death: December 18, 2016

Place of Death: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Zsa Zsa Gábor was a Hungarian-born American actress and socialite.

Zsa Zsa was born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary, now in Hungary. Her parents were both Jewish. Her father, Vilmos “Willie” Gábor (born Farkas Miklós Grün), was a soldier, and her mother, Jolie Gábor, Countess de Szigethy (born Janka Tilleman), was a socialite, jeweler, and memoirist; she received the title “Countess” from her marriage to Count Odon Szigethy.

Zsa Zsa’s sisters were Eva Gábor, a socialite, actress, and singer, and Magda Gábor, a socialite. She was named Sári Gábor after Hungarian singer and actress Sári Fedák.

Zsa Zsa was crowned Miss Hungary in 1936. She moved to the U.S. in 1941. Her mother left Hungary for the U.S. in 1944, escaping the Nazis.

Zsa Zsa was married to German-born entrepreneur Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, until her death. She had a daughter, actress, photographer, and comedian Francesca Hilton, with her former husband, Conrad Hilton, who had founded the Hilton Hotel Chain. Zsa Zsa was thus the step-great-grandmother of socialites Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton Rothschild.

Zsa Zsa’s paternal grandparents were named Salamon Grün and Rozália Kluger.

Zsa Zsa’s maternal grandfather was Jónás/Jóná “Janos”/”Joseph” Hersch/Harsch Tilleman (the son of Schie Tilleman and Scheindel Grossman). Jónás was born in Drohobych, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine.

Zsa Zsa’s maternal grandmother was Chawe Feige “Franciska/Franceska/Fani” Reinharz/Reinhartz (the daughter of Eisig Reinharz/Reinhartz and Dorittya/Dorottya/Dwora “Deborah”/”Divora” Stein). Chawe was born in Bolekhiv, Ivano-Frankivs’ka oblast, Ukraine.

Zsa Zsa was a first cousin, once removed, of Annette Lantos (née Tilleman), the wife of Tom Lantos, a Democratic politician, who was a U.S. congressman from California. Zsa Zsa’s grandfather Jónás Tilleman was a brother of Annette’s father, Sebastian Tillemann.

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