Veena Sud

Birth Name: Veena Cabreros-Sud

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: June 25, 1967

*Indian (father)
*Filipino (mother)

Veena Sud is a Canadian-born American actress.

Veena is the daughter of Mohendra Sud. Veena’s father was born in India. Veena’s mother, whose surname is Cabreros, is said to be from the Philippines. Veena was raised in Indian Hill, Ohio, U.S. She has a son.

Veena has stated:

Maybe it’s a generalisation but I think culturally things are changing. We are becoming a little bit more aware and open to international [film and television] – like Bollywood. I’m Indian, I grew up well aware of Bollywood and Filipino cinema and international material. I think, as a diversifying country, hopefully we’ll get there.

Source: Death record of Veena’s father –

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