Tom Johnston

Birth Name: Charles Thomas Johnston

Place of Birth: Visalia, Tulare, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 15, 1948

Ethnicity: German, English, Scottish

Tom Johnston is an American guitarist and vocalist. He is one of the founder musicians of rock group the Doobie Brothers. Michael McDonald is also a member of the band.

Tom is the son of Emma and Elmer Johnston. He is married to Diane. His daughter, Lara Johnston, is a singer and songwriter.

Tom’s paternal grandfather was Louis Edward Johnston (the son of Louis David Johnston and Mary Anna Hilgert). Tom’s great-grandfather Louis was born in Missouri, the son of James Lester Johnston and Josephine Gamache. Mary Anna was born in Jefferson County, Missouri, the daughter of Frederick Frank Hilgert and Margaret Reisdorf.

Tom’s paternal grandmother was Maud Elizabeth Hamilton (the daughter of Jesse Breen Hamilton and Delila Rhodus). Jesse was born in Missouri, the son of Peter Breen Hamilton and Elizabeth James. Delila was born in Missouri, the daughter of Joseph Rhodus, Jr. and Mary Ann Bandy.

Tom’s maternal grandfather was John F. Rohrer (the son of Daniel Kreider Rohrer and Lucinda Caroline Fisher). Daniel was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the son of Daniel Wenger Rohrer and Mary Huber Kreider. Lucinda was born in Tennessee, the daughter of Charles W. Fisher, Jr. and Electra.

Tom’s maternal grandmother was Etta Harrison (the daughter of Benjamin Harrison and Mary Margaret Springer). Benjamin was born in Missouri, the son of Benjamin J. Harrison and Jane G. Frazier. Mary was born in Washington, Missouri, the daughter of Charles Henry Springer and Eliza Margaret Martin.

Source: Death records of Tom’s parents –

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