Tom Araya

Super Bock Super Rock 2008 - Day 6

Araya in 2008, photo by

Birth Name: Tomás Enrique Araya Díaz

Place of Birth: Viña del Mar, Chile

Date of Birth: 6 June, 1961

Ethnicity: Chilean [including Basque]

Tom Araya is an Chilean-American singer, songwriter, and musician. He is the lead singer and bassist of thrash metal band Slayer.

Tom was born in Chile, the son of Javier Araya and Tina Díaz. He moved with his family to California, U.S. at the age of five, growing up in Los Angeles. His brother, Juan “Johnny” Araya, plays bass in melodic death metal band Thine Eyes Bleed. Tom is married to Sandra, with whom he has two children.


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  1. lzr says:

    Araya is a Basque last name

  2. andrew says:

    son of Javier Araya and Tina Díaz

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