Stan Wawrinka


Wawrinka in 2016, photo by Leonard Zhukovsky/

Birth Name: Stanislas Wawrinka

Place of Birth: Lausanne, Switzerland

Date of Birth: 28 March, 1985

*father – German, Czech, some Polish
*mother – Swiss

Stan Wawrinka is a Swiss professional tennis player. He was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, to a German father, Wolfram Wawrinka, and a Swiss mother, Isabelle, from Lausanne in Vaud.

When asked about his origins, he has stated:

Actually, I have a double passport, Swiss-German, but I am Swiss, and I have always felt good in my country. My mother’s Swiss and my dad’s German, given his origins are Czech. It happens that Wawrinka’s a Polish name because I had a great grandfather who was living on the border between Poland & Czechoslovakia.

Stan holds German and Swiss citizenship.


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  1. Oaken05 says:

    Can we gt this broken up a bit?

    Father: Czech, some Polish, possibly German.
    Mother: Swiss

    His mother is from Lausanne in Vaud, which is in the French-speaking part of the country, so probably a Romand. The father may have ethnic German ancestry, though that’s not clear at all. Wish I could find his mother’s maiden name.

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