Sarah Bernhardt

bust-length photo of Sarah Bernhardt c. 1880, by Napoleon Sarony, available at Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division

Birth Name: Henriette-Rosine Bernard

Date of Birth: 22/23 October, 1844

Place of Birth: Paris, Kingdom of France

Date of Death: 26 March, 1923

Place of Death: Paris, French Third Republic

*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish
*father – publicly unknown

Sarah Bernhardt is a French stage actress. Appearing mostly on stage, she is one of the most famous actors of the 19th century. She starred in the plays La Dame Aux Camelias, Ruy Blas, Fédora, La Tosca, and L’Aiglon. She also played male roles, including Hamlet.

Her mother, Julie/Judith Bernardt, was a courtesan to wealthy men.

Sarah’s mother, who was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was Jewish. The identity of Sarah’s biological father is not known. He was likely Catholic.

Sarah was married to military officer and actor Jacques Damala, until his death.

Sarah’s maternal grandfather was Moritz Baruch Bernardt/Bernard (the son of Baruch Milles Bernardt/Bernard and Jetta Wolf). Moritz was born in Rotterdam, Government of Rotterdam, South Holland.

Sarah’s maternal grandmother was named Janetta/Janette Hartog/Hartman (the daughter of Hartog Jacob and Rebecca). Janetta was born in Gorinchem, Gorinchem, South Holland.


Genealogy of Sarah Bernhardt (focusing on her mother’s side) –

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