Russell Brand

Brand in 2011, photo by s_bukley /

Birth Name: Russell Edward Brand

Place of Birth: Grays, Thurrock, Essex, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 4 June, 1975

Ethnicity: English, as well as 1/64th German

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, and radio host. His films include Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek, Despicable Me, Hop, Arthur (2011), and Rock of Ages.

He is the son of Barbara Elizabeth and Ronald Henry Brand, a photographer. Russell is married to Scottish lifestyle blogger and restaurateur Laura Gallacher, with whom he has three children.

Russell’s paternal grandfather was Henry George Brand (the son of Henry George Brand and Alice Sarah Truman). Russell’s grandfather Henry was born in Stepney, London, England. Russell’s great-grandfather Henry was the son of Mark Henry Brand and Lydia Bond. Alice was the daughter of George Truman and Maria Louisa Bruford. Maria Louisa’s grandfather, Johann Heinrich Kohler, was German.

Russell’s paternal grandmother was named Janet Marjorie White (the daughter of William Henry White and Maud Lilian). Janet was born in Stepney, London. William was the son of William Robert White and Eleanor Mary White.

Russell’s maternal grandfather was Frederick William Nichols (the son of Frederick William Nichols and Theresa Jessie Bennett). Russell’s grandfather Frederick was born in Hackney, London, England. Russell’s great-grandfather Frederick was the son of Edward Henry Nichols and Elizabeth. Theresa was the daughter of Robert Bennett.

Russell’s maternal grandmother was Nellie A. Miller (the daughter of Bertram Miller and Nellie Minnie A. Hale). Russell’s grandmother Nellie was born in Marylebone, London, England. Russell’s great-grandmother Nellie was the daughter of William Hale.

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Russell Brand ethnicity

Brand in 2014, photo by Prphotos


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Hill says:

    I’m not one of those weirdos who say Emma Watson or Kit Harlington lie about their ethnicity or whatever but this guy definitely doesn’t look English. I’m not saying he isn’t though.

  2. Hill says:

    if he didn’t have that tan he’d look as pale as every other british person like Kiera Knightley, Gemma Arterton etc… but yeah his hair and eyes are very dark.

  3. caligurl2 says:

    LOL he looks British as hell.

    British people need to take responsibility for their phenotypes, and stop trying to pass them off as anything else when they’re bad looking.

    These comical horse like faces are very common in the British population and uncommon in the middle east where men tend to be a lot more gracile than the horse faced Brits.

    This guy looks no different from this football player.

    These orgre-ish type looks are all over the British Isles and they’re found nowhere else in continental europe or in Israel and they ARE part of the reason the British have the reputation of being ugly or inbred. These features also dominate among white rednecks and the southern portions of the USA. Guess which part of the US is the most British? the south. Own up to your phenotypes, and not just super beautiful uber anglo saxons lol

    • crunty says:

      I thought you were gel in disguise with your link. Maybe his ugly stepsister? The man in your link is a cricket player, and having travelled extensively around the UK, I can’t say his look is common, nor is Russel Brand’s. People are more mixed up in cities thanks to waves of immigrants over the last 400 years though. The real English you will find live in the shires, and a lot of them don’t get that famous so you rarely see their faces.

      • caligurl2 says:

        I lived in Britain, and probably know what the British look like more than most, and you are correct people in the cities are heavily mixed up. Many British models and actors these days have other ancestries in the same way that Americans do. Greg Sulkin, Kate Bekinsale, Rhona Mitra, Stephen James, David Beckham, Oliver James etc. Unfortunately the UK has a lot of angsty British “purist” online who’d like to think that Britain is in some way shape or form “pure anglo saxon”. When the reality is, England especially in the inner cities is just a diverse ethnically as France is. Immigrants have populated the cities as far back as the industrial revolution. Example being some British complain about Polish immigrants like they’re some relatively new comers when they’ve been in England as far back as the revolution. Same with Jews, Italians, French, Blacks etc.

      • caligurl2 says:

        And I don’t know why you find gel’s views to be uncommon. This is the view of the British by the mass majority of people. Only on these type of sites regarding ethnicity or the anthropology ones filled with nothing but nerds do you see people either glorifying British phenotypes or thinking looking British is a good thing.

        • gel says:

          The Irish went to London – and now the Cockneys fancy their from LA, With “The only way is Essex” TV show!…

          The Irish went to the North East of England and now the Geordies fancy their from New Jersey, with “Geordie Shore”!…..

          They went to Scotland – and now they have some good-looking actors…

          They went to Liverpool, Manchester….

          They went to Australia – and now Australian men are considered some of the best looking in the world…..

          And now Russell Brand looks like he’s getting in on the act!:

        • ses101 says:

          Gel – for years Australian TV programmes had some of the ugliest people I have ever seen, and they were mostly of Irish descent. Ireland has produced some good looking people but they haven’t made every country better looking like you seem to think – the fair/red head and big chin look is quite common, as is the dark hair mono-brow look.

    • Ardor says:

      You must have vision problems if you think he looks like that ginger faced football player.

    • andrew says:

      @ neiltennant

      Don’t be impatient, check out Russel’s genealogy that is well detailed.

    • ses101 says:

      Caligurl2 – What’s with the utter hatred you have Britain? Yes, we have ugly people LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE in the world, but you seem to be determined to make out we are all ugly unless we are foreign in some way. UTTER CRAP. The British have never been a distinct race, even our earliest ancestors were mostly Germanic/ Celt, neither of whom are predominantly ugly. You need therapy of some sort.

    • ses101 says:

      Caligurl – he looks nothing like that guy. Your insane hatred of Brits is obviously blinding you.

    • angelwings80 says:

      Even with his “horse face” he’s way more attractive than any Arab man I’ve seen.

  4. Kimmel says:

    He’s never looked very English to me, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

  5. phaedra says:

    He looks Jewish or Middle Eastern. He’s lying about his ethnicity.

    Since he’s a Brit, it wouldn’t be unusual if he has a recent Indian ancestry that he’s not accounting for (heck, even the Royals do).

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