Roger Maris

Birth Name: Roger Eugene Maris

Date of Birth: September 10, 1934

Place of Birth: Hibbing, Minnesota, U.S.

Date of Death: December 14, 1985

Place of Death: Houston, Texas, U.S.

Ethnicity: Croatian, as well as one quarter Slovenian

Roger Maris was an American professional baseball player. He was a right fielder.

Roger was the son of Ann Corinne “Connie” and Rudolph S. “Rudy” Marais/Maras. He was married to Pat Carvell, until his death, with whom he had six children.

Roger’s paternal grandfather was Steve/Stifan/Stephen Maras (the son of Ivan/John Maras and Marija “Mary” Dosen). Steve was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, of Croatian descent. Marija was born in Lukovo Sugarje, Općina Karlobag, Ličko-senjska.

Roger’s paternal grandmother was named Katherine/Katharina Verderbar. Katherine was born in Obrh pri Dragatusu, Občina Črnomelj, Jugovzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia.

Roger’s maternal grandfather was named George Perkovich.

Roger’s maternal grandmother was named Anna Marie Alar. Anna was Croatian.

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    • follers says:

      I told you I’m not changing any more of these Eastern European ethnicities back-and-forth without bablah. I remember one that was changed three times. I’m sure they’ll settle this when they post again.

      • andrew says:

        Not that I disagree with you about the fluidity of Eastern European identities, but that seems a Bearboy misundestanding in this case.

        Anyway, the listing of the mother tongue on a Census record is a strong ethnicity indicator, so I dont think there’s much to argue.

        • jackson9 says:

          Speaking of Eastern European identities, @Follers is Matthew West Czech, Czech-Jewish or neither on his paternal lineage? I submitted him very curious to know of what I thought was a name change on his fathers side. Sadly, Eastern European ethnic identities isn’t my specialty. Hopefully @Bablah will be here soon

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