Robert Del Naja

Festival Sudoeste 2010 Music Festival - Day 4

Del Naja in 2010, photo by Prphotos

Place of Birth: Brighton, Sussex, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 21 January, 1965

*50% Italian
*43.75% English
*6.25% Irish

Robert Del Naja is a British artist, musician, singer, and songwriter. He is a member of trip hop group Massive Attack. Daddy G and Andrew Vowles also are/have been members of the band.

His father, Franco Del Naja, was an Italian emigrant, from Naples. His mother, Ann Rosemary (Peters), is English, of English and one eighth Irish descent.

Robert’s maternal grandfather was Edward Peters (the son of Frederick William Peters and Jemima “Mima” Grenyer). Frederick was the son of Edward Peters and Ann Tingley. Jemima was the daughter of James Grenyer and Elizabeth Baker.

Robert’s maternal grandmother was Elsie Florence Quantrill (the daughter of Charles Quantrill and Elizabeth Padwick). Elsie was born in Westminster St. Margaret, London, England. Charles was the son of Richard Quantrill and Martha Ann Heron. Ezabeth was born in Belgaum, British India, now India, to English emigrant Charles John Padwick, of Portsmouth, Hampshire, and Irish emigrant Fanny Johnston, of County Donegal.

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