Reuven Rivlin

04/01/2015 – Reuven Rivlin – United States Bi-Partisan Congressional Delegation Meets with Israel President Reuven Rivlin in Beit Hanassi on April 1, 2015 – Beit Hanassi, Jerusalem – Jerusalem, Israel – Photo Credit: Laurence Agron / PR Photos

Place of Birth: Jerusalem, Mandatory Palestine (now Israel)

Date of Birth: 9 September, 1939

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Reuven Rivlin is an Israeli politician and lawyer. He served as President of Israel, from 24 July, 2014 to 7 July, 2021. He was previously also Minister of Communications, from 7 March, 2001 to 28 February, 2003, and Speaker of the Knesset, from 28 February, 2003 to 28 March, 2006, and again, from 10 March, 2009 to 22 February, 2013.

Reuven is the son of Rachel “Ray” Rivlin, who was born in England, and Yosef Yoel “Joseph Joel” Rivlin, who was born in Jerusalem. His father was an Oriental studies scholar, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a member of the Academy of the Hebrew Language. His family has lived in Israel, specifically Jerusalem and Safed, for many generations on both sides. Reuven was married to Nechama (Shulman) Rivlin, until her death. The couple has four children.

Reuven’s paternal grandfather was Reuven Rivlin (the son of Yosef/Joseph Yoel/Joel Rivlin and Rivka/Riva Cohen). Reuven’s grandfather Reuven was born in Jerusalem. Reuven’s great-grandfather Yosef was born in Safed, the son of Eliyahu Rivlin, who was born in Belarus, and whose own father was a rabbi; and of Beila Bichowsky. Reuven’s great-grandmother Rivka was also born in Safed, and was the daughter of Rabbi Reuven Cohen, from Minsk, Belarus, and of Elka Machla/Machle Cohen.

Reuven’s paternal grandmother was Itta/Ita Rivka Shapira (the daughter of Isaac Shapira and Beyla Rothschild). Isaac was the son of Yehoshua Shapira. Beyla was the daughter of Aharon Rothshild/Rothschild.

Reuven’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Eliyahu/Elijah Rivlin (the son of Schneur Zalman Rivlin and Chana Minne Loewy/Lowey). Eliyahu was born in Jerusalem. Schneur was born in Safed, and was the son of Rabbi Eliyahu/Elijah Yosef Rivlin, from Ola, Belarus, and of Pessia Hadassah/Hadassa. Chana was the daughter of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Loewy, from Ślesin, koniński, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland, and of Rasha Dreiza Rivlin, from Shkloŭ, Mogilev.

Reuven’s maternal grandmother was named Alta/Alte Zisenwine (the daughter of Joshua Zeev Zisenwine). Alta was born in Russia.

Source: Genealogy of Reuven Rivlin –

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