Rena Lovelis

Lovelis in 2017, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Pyrena Lucrezia Morze Enea

Place of Birth: Piermont, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 6, 1998

*56.25% Polish
*25% Italian/Sicilian
*6.25% Austrian
*6.25% Czech
*6.25% Ukrainian

Rena Lovelis is an American musician. She is lead vocalist and bassist of pop rock band Hey Violet. Other members of the band include her older sister Nia Lovelis. She is the daughter of actress Stacy Morze (now Anastasia Morze Lovelis) and Kenneth Mitchell Enea.

Rena’s paternal grandfather is Philip S. “Phil” Enea (the son of Stephen S. Enea and Celia Ronchetti). Phil was born in Utica, New York. Stephen was the son of Italian emigrants, Filippo “Philip” Enea and Agata “Agatha” Oddo, both of Bagheria, Palermo, Sicily. Celia was the daughter of Italian emigrants, Bernardo “Bennie/Benny” Ronchetti and Maria “Mary” Oddo, both also of Bagheria. Agata and Maria were sisters.

Rena’s paternal grandmother is Gloria M. Dziok (the daughter of John Fred “Juggy” Dziok and Emily T. Maciol). Gloria was born in Utica, New York. John was the son of Polish emigrants, Szymon (later Samuel “Sam”) Dziok, of Pietrusza Wola, Krosno, and of Maria “Mary” Chomka, of Słonne, Przemyśl. Emily was the daughter of Polish emigrants, Walentyn (later Valentine) Macioł and Teresa Urbańczyk.

Rena’s maternal grandfather was Janusz Morze (the son of Zygmunt Morze and Józefa Zielińska). Janusz was a Polish emigrant, from Trzebinia, Chrzanów. Zygmunt was the son of Ignacy Morze and Kazimiera Maciejewska. Józefa was the daughter of Stanisław Zieliński and Zofia Golcz.

Rena’s maternal grandmother was Evelyn Marie Schimpf (the daughter of Joseph Schimpf and Catherine Ann/Anna Endrick). Evelyn was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joseph was the son of an Austrian emigrant, Franz “Frank” Schimpf, and of a Czech emigrant, Tekla “Tessie” Bobiaková. Anna was the daughter of a Russian emigrant, Yakov Andreyuk (later John Endrick), who was likely an ethnic Ukrainian, and of a Polish emigrant, Eva Kalinowska.

Rena’s maternal line can be traced back to her third great-grandmother, Nastia Motyl.

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