Remi Wolf

Birth Name: Remi Francis Wolf

Place of Birth: Palo Alto, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 2, 1996

*father – one quarter Ashkenazi Jewish, one quarter Tajik/Persian, one quarter Russian, one quarter Celtic [Scottish/Irish]
*mother – Italian, including Sicilian

Remi Wolf is an American singer and songwriter.

Remi’s paternal grandfather was Franklin More Wolf (the son of Henry Newark Wolf and Shirley Bette More). Franklin was born in California. Henry was born in San Francisco, the son of Isaac Wolf, a Jewish emigrant, from Poland, and of Lillie Goldstein, who was born in New York, to Jewish parents from Poland and/or Germany/Austria. Remi’s great-grandmother Shirley was born in San Francisco, the daughter of Frank Ritchie More, who was born in New Jersey, to Scottish parents; and of Elizabeth Meneely, whose parents were Irish.

Remi’s paternal grandmother is Marion M. Mustafa (the daughter of Gulam/Goulman Kader Mustafaeff/Mustafaieff, later George Mustafa, and of Olga V. Poyarkoff). Marion was born in Califronia. George was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, then part of the Russian Empire, and was the son Kinhambe; he was of Tajik/Persian ancestry. Remi’s great-grandmother Olga was Russian, from Kazan, and was the daughter of Vladimir M. Poyarkoff, from Vyatka, now Kirov, and of Olga N. Evtropoff, from Kazan.

Remi’s maternal grandfather is Michael N. Deluca (the son of Nick Deluca and Josephine E./F. Tufo). Michael was born in California. Nick was an Italian immigrant, the son of Cesera Deluca and Francesca Cantartese. Josephine was born in California, also the daughter of Italian parents, Vito Emanule Tufo and Filomena/Florence Fazio.

Remi’s maternal grandmother is Maryanne/Mary Anne Francine Clima (the daughter of Joseph Clima and Josephine “Josie” Garreffa). Maryanne was born in California. Joseph was born in Solano, California, the son of Frank Clima and Maria Mercurio, who were from Palermo, Sicily. Josephine was born in California, also to Italian parents, Joseph Garreffa/Gareffa and Francisco/Frances Pelli.

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  1. madman says:

    Iranian is a big stretch here. If she is right about having “Persian” ancestry, then it’s more likely that George was Tajik. Tajiks were (and are) the second largest ethnic group in Uzbekistan at the time of George’s immigration and are Persian-speakers (although I don’t know if they would identify as “Persian” in particular).

    • ann says:

      There’s record of George and his previous wife Taifa, who was Turkish. Maybe you can read what is writing on birth places of George’s parents and it can help?
      He’s listed as “Russia Turkistan”, his father’s somethin “Mustafa”? and his mother’s “Russia” something?

      • madman says:

        I saw that too but I couldn’t make sense of it either. His father’s birthplace is probably supposed to just say “Russia Mustafa”. His mother’s birthplace looks like “Russia Can bi bi”. “Can” is a Turkic word that can be a surname in and of itself and also part of a two-word surname, so since they wrote Mustafa for his father, maybe that is supposed to be his mother’s surname?

        “Can bibi” also means “Dear aunt” in Azerbaijani, but that’s probably unrelated to this.

        • ann says:

          Migration record of George (listed here as Goulman K Mustafaieff) and Taifa/Taiefa. His place of birth listed as “Persia” and race is “Russia Syrian”.

          • madman says:

            That record is riddled with corrections and question marks though. Him being put down basically as a Russian-speaking Syrian from Persia only tells me that the U.S. was very confused about Turkic and Central Asian immigrants at the time.

            Given everything we know, I think Tajik makes the most sense.

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