Quade Cooper

Birth Name: Quade Santini Cooper

Place of Birth: Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Birth: 5 April, 1988

Ethnicity: Māori, English, some Scottish, possibly Irish

Quade Cooper is a New Zealand-born Australian rugby union player and boxer.

Quade’s mother is named Ruhia. She was eighteen when Quade was born. His biological father left when he was six months years old. Quade was raised in Tokoroa, New Zealand, and moved to Brisbane, New South Wales, Australia, when he was thirteen.

Quade is a cousin of rugby union players Sean Maitland and Cheyenne Campbell.

Quade’s paternal grandfather was Nesbit Cooper (the son of Wiremu Kape Cooper and Ngahuia Hune Peketua Hirini). Wiremi was the son of Aperahama Kopa II, who was of half English and half Māori descent, and of Matehaere Hana Pera Tunua, who was Māori. Ngahuia was the daughter of Rewiri Ngapua Wharetomokia Hirini, who was Māori, and of Katerina Te Ringawhati Ngawati Edmonds, who was of Māori, and one quarter English descent, with roots in Dorset. Katerina was a sister of Alfred Hamlin Edmonds, who was the maternal grandfather of politician Nanaia Mahuta. This makes Quade and Nanaia second cousins, twice removed.

Quade’s paternal grandmother was named Millie Te Mairae Eramiha (who was possibly the daughter of Wiremu Matiroa Hare Eramiha and Te Auwe/Aue Remana Paki). Millie had Māori ancestry.

Quade’s maternal grandfather’s surname is Jenner.

Quade’s maternal grandmother is Carole Menzies (the daughter of Robert Bruce Menzies and Audrey Beryl Fowler). Carol was born in Lautoka, Fiji. Robert was the son of Robert Menzies, whose parents were Scottish, from Renfrewshire; and of Dorace Mae Huia Faulkner, who was of English, with roots in Whitby in Yorkshire, Nottingham, and Manchester, and one quarter Māori, ancestry. Quade’s great-grandmother Audrey was the daughter of English parents, Francis Henry Fowler, from Lancashire, and Doris Amelia Yallop, from Tottenham.

Quade’s maternal four times great-grandfather, John Lees Faulkner, was a prominent English-born trader, shipbuilder, and farmer. He was deported as convict to Tasmania, Australia, at twelve, and later settled in New Zealand, where he married a Māori woman.

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  1. andrew says:


    Is this alright?

    • comrade says:

      Looks good. Only Muru Mangu was Wiremu’s first wife, she died in 1928. Too early to be Nesbit’s mother. Nesbit’s mother was Ngahuia Hune Peketua Hirini daughter of Rewiri Ngapua Wharetomokia Hirini and Katerina Te Ringawhati Ngawati Edmonds. Katerina was the daughter of John Tucker Edmonds and Raiha Arapera (Eliza) Pekama, who were great-grandparents to Nanaia Mahuta. John was a stone mason, son of John Samuel Edmonds and Marianne Stickland, who left Dorset, England, for NZ in 1834. Raiha was Māori.

      Ngahuia was 16 when she had Nesbit Cooper. Ngahuia’s mother Katerina was a sister of Alfred Hamlin Edmonds, Nanaia Mahuta’s grandfather.

      Also Millie’s surname was Eramiha.

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