Novak Djokovic

Djokovic in 2013, photo by Leonard Zhukovsky/

Place of Birth: Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia

Date of Birth: 22 May, 1987

Ethnicity: Serbian, Croatian

Novak Djokovic is a Serbian tennis player. As of 2020, he is ranked world No. 1 in men’s singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

He is the son of Dijana (Žagar) and Srđan Djokovic. His father, who is of Serbian descent, was born in a village near Trepča, in Kosovo. His mother was born in Belgrade, and is of partly or entirely Croatian descent. His siblings, Marko Djokovic and Djordje Djokovic, are also tennis players. Novak is married to Jelena Ristić, with whom he has two children. His family is Serbian Orthodox.

The Đoković family is said to hail from Čevo.

Novak’s paternal grandfather was Vladimir Đoković (the son of Neđeljko Đoković and Sara Jauković). Vladimir’s parents were from Jasenovo Polje near Nikšić, now in Montenegro, and later moved to Voćnjak in Metohija. The family fled Albanians during WWII, and lived with a relative, named Novak, after whom Novak Djokovic is named.

Novak’s paternal grandmother was named Stanka.

Novak’s maternal grandparents were named Zdenko and Elizabeta Franjić. They were from Vinkovci in eastern Croatia.

Source: Genealogy of Novak Djokovic (focusing on his father’s side) –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Joe says:

    So this is the whole truth about Novak Djokovic ethnicty ,He is a Serb from Kosovo, back then when his ancestors left what is today Montenegro it was called old Hercegovina and in those parts lived mostly Serbs ,even today majority of the people who live there are Serbs ,and they make 30 precent of Montenegro population, so he is Serbian, from his mother side he is mixed because his mother is orthodox religion (significant for Serbs in the region) and she has parts of Hungarian and croatian ethnicty ,so Novak is Serb by ethnicity, and basicly has nothng to do with coratia or montenegro,- his ethnicity and nationality are Serbian

  2. Manila says:

    Read “NOTE A” on his early life here:

    Once read, kindly revise the article.

  3. andrew says:

    Can I ask it again? Thank you.

  4. cwm85 says:

    He’s the best.

  5. underground89 says:

    This is incorrect! Novak’s mother is an ethnic Serb from Croatia.
    Her ancestral town, Vinkovci, is located in the traditionally Serbian area of Croatia known as the “Krajina”.

    There are ethnic/indigenous Serbs from Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Hungary, Austria Bosnia and Croatia, it’s misleading to misidentify them according to their passports/citizenship!

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