Nora Arnezeder

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Arnezeder in 2012, photo by

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: 8 May, 1989

*father – Austrian
*mother – Sephardi Jewish, Ashkenazi Jewish

Nora Arnezeder is a French actress and singer. She has starred in the films Army of the Dead, The Words, and Paris 36, among others.

Her father, Wolfgang Arnezeder, is Austrian (and Catholic). Her mother, Piera (Schinasi), is an Egyptian Jew. She is from the Italian Jewish Schinasi family, a Sephardi family from Livorno, Tuscany, on one side, and of Russian Jewish descent on the other. Nora’s great-grandparents moved to Alexandria before WWI.

She is a relative of painter Daniel Schinasi.

Nora’s maternal grandfather was the son of Albert Schinasi and Céline Jabès. A photo of Céline can be seen here.

Nora’s maternal grandmother is named Aimee Abecassis (possibly born as Aimee Nahmias, the daughter of Berthe Lazarowitch). Berthe was born in Egypt, to Russian Jewish parents. A picture of Berthe can be seen here.


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  1. andrew says:

    According to Le Figaro, her Italian Jewish maternal great-grandparents moved to Alexandria, Egypt, before WWI

  2. andrew says:

    Her mother is an Italian Jew born in Egypt. She’s related to painter Daniel Schinasi. Schinasi are a Sephardi family from Livorno, Tuscany.

  3. xoxo says:

    Thought this was Chloë Sevigny at first.

  4. theropod says:

    She is so beautiful. Never heard of her sadly…

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