Nina Dobrev

Dobrev in 2009, photo by Featureflash /

Birth Name: Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva

Place of Birth: Sofia, Bulgaria

Date of Birth: January 9, 1989

Ethnicity: Bulgarian

Nina Dobrev is an actress and model. She is known for starring in the series The Vampire Diaries.

Nina was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, to Bulgarian parents, Michaela (Radeva) and Konstantin Dobrev. When she was two, her family moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she was raised. She is fluent in English, French, and Bulgarian.

A picture of Nina with her father can be seen here. A picture of Nina with her mother and brother can be seen here.

Nina once stated “I’m a Gypsy, what can I say…” It is not clear if she was referring to being of the Romani ethnic group, or to the term “gypsy” as it is sometimes used to refer to lifestyle habits. It appears that Nina often refers to herself as a “gypsy” in this latter way.

Two of Nina’s grandparents are named Aleksandr and Efi.


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  1. SUZ says:


  2. Just a gal says:

    Her surname is Dobreva. If you are a girl born in Bulgaria your name is changed to female version. Her father’s surname is Dobrev, so her name is Dobreva. If she was born in Canada,where she grew up, it would be Dobrev. Many Europeans who’s countries do that, change their names to the American/Canadian version. Dobreva would sound too cultural for hollywood. Her middle name is also “Konstatinova” that is a Bulgarian surname. My good friend’s surname is Konstantionva (she is Bulgarian). Her middle name also follows the rule with adding an A at the end. For example, Anna Pavlova’s name has an A too. Her father’s name was Pavlov.

  3. anen says:

    Most ignorant comments here are from Americans and believe me they’re like the new Nazis. Nina looks lighter than Victoria Beckham who is a full English woman!

    • Over9000 says:


  4. me says:

    I did not say she was not white, I thought she was white with portuguese ancestry when I saw her in roommate, she had lighter skin. In this photo with natural hair she looks mixed.

  5. Nicole says:

    Nina Dobrev is bulgarian. Many bulgarians are white, but some ( the darker ones like nina dobrev ) come from a culture called gypsy, gypsies are people that traveled to many counrtries in Eastern Europe awhile back. But originally gypsies come from Egypt and India. :)

    • Acadiana says:

      Nina is not a gypsy. So I have no idea why you would say she is one.

      • Nicole says:

        Lol i never said she was a gypsy i said she looked like one….lol

        • Me myself and I says:

          Have you ever need a goddamned gypsy? what is wrong with all the Americans on here! She is a typical White girl! your stereotypes about White Europeans are so stupid that it hurts! No, we’re not only Icelandic or Swedish.. just like Blacks aren’t so dark that at night you could see them only because their white eyes and teeth.! Educate your fucking selves! your stereotypes about skin colours and your stereotypes about religion (Christians are a religion, Jews, Muslims and Hindu’s are a new race within the Human race blah blah blah) make me believe what Einstein (R.I.P.) said:
          “The Universe and the human stupidity are endless. Only that I’m not sure about the first one” -_-

    • Acadiana says:

      I noticed you made the same comment below. She is not
      a gypsy, and she does not look like one. There are millions of olive-skinned Bulgarians. They are not gypsies.

    • esther says:

      she is not darker than other bulgarians. and she is NOT gypsy. Just ordinary white eastern european girl.

    • what? says:

      IDIOT. You don’t know Europeans.. if she is a gypsy than most of Eastern Europe is Gypsy. Stupid ignorant fat fucking Americans. Do you think Europeans are all blonde barbies REALITY CHECK WE AREN’T SO STOP PRETENDING TO BE SOMETHING YOU AREN’T BECAUSE YOUR ANCESTORS BACK HOME DON’T FIT YOUR ALBINO DREAMS.

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